Mar 1, 2015

Disney, let Jessie die with dignity

Jessie is getting a Spin-off? What the Hell, man!? The Nanny minus The Nanny? It just doesn't make sense! Yes, the show will not have Debby Ryan, because her character moves on after the series ends. Also missing are Cameron Boyce's character Luke... For obvious reasons, and last but not least Bertram (played by Kevin Chamberlain).

This leaves The remaining 3 Ross Children. Fashionista Ditz, Emma. Token Fish out of water more racially insensitive Indian stereotype since Hadji, Ravi. Last but not least Annoying, Loud, Obnoxious black girl stereotype, Zuri.
Basically the WORST 3 Main Characters are heading off for a Spin-off. WHY.ARE.THEY.DOING.THIS?
I understand Losing Jessie and Bertram for a change of scenery, but losing ONE OF THE KIDS!?
How can that even work?
Chuck Cunningham? Judy Winslow? Morgan Matthews? (OKAY Morgan came back a different person after disappearing)

Personally, I don't see too much hope for this Spin-off.

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