Mar 26, 2015

Yikes! Hover Robots are $35...

Matty announced the April Sale with Angella coming.

And We found out the Price Tag for the Hover Robots... $35 for a three pack... Let's leave that sink in: Thirty Five Dollars for a Trio of Three Inch Trashcans WITH LESS Articulation than Orko... (A $5 figure in 2010, who is also roughly 3 inches tall.)  It's time to visit an old Friend of Mine... MATH!

The resemblance is
So, let's see: Orko, a 100% Newly tooled Item WITH A FLOATING STAND bumped up the cost of Prince Adam for $5. A Normal MOTUC Figure at that time was $20. So, we can say that Orko's cost was 1/4 of Adam's.

A normal Out of Sub figure is $28, so 1/4 of that is $7. Seeing as we are getting 3 of the EXACT SAME FIGURE, we could assume that the cost SHOULD BE $21. Not only that but according to Pixel Dan's review of the little guys he says that the stands are smaller than previous stands and that the figures feel very light since they are made of Hollow Plastic.
Orko, UNO, Kowl, and Loo-Kee do NOT feel Hollow. They are ROUGHLY the same size (though UNO is closer to Madame Razz Size than Orko) as the Hover Robots, yet they feel solid and have some weight to them. Let's see what we can blame for the Additional $14 dollars... The Extra Hands that are on the same molds for these figures that use LESS PLASTIC than the NORMAL FIGURES. I guess the Lenticular stickers and the Damage Decals will be blamed. (Don't mention that Sy-Klone got a more elaborate Lenticular sticker and cost the same as a Standard figure).

TO ME it just doesn't add up! Mattel will muddy up the issue with Fancy Mathematics to justify that Ridiculous $35 pricetag. ($11.67 PER Robot? Something feels off here.)  My Desire for 3 sets of these has been reduced to BARELY Buying THE ONE Set. I'm sorry, but when Multibot who is roughly $9 more than the Hover Robots and you practically get TWO Lizardman sized figures with 100% new tooling, you can't truly justify the Hover Robots' cost.

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