Mar 4, 2015

Dare is very likely to happen...

Dare: The infamous Son of He-Man. He made an appearance in the Un Named One mini Comic as He-Ro II there he was nothing more than a NA He-Man repaint with alternate forearms.

In the Mini Comic that comes with Oo-Larr, there is another appearance by Dare in his civilian outfit.

 Since I cannot post official comic art because, a) I don't have the comic and b)the small pic that spoils Dare is a bit fuzzy
I have posted a hastily made piss poor repaint of 200X Adam that spoils how MOTUC DARE would look.
Yes, Dare is a lame repaint of 200X Adam, while He-Ro II is a piss poor repaint of New Adventures He-Man.
Do you have any idea what this means? Well, a couple of things:
-We MAY get one of two versions of Dare... Pick your poison. Which version is the least original?
-We COULD get a twofer figure (like Marlena or Trap Jaw)
-Two heads + Two Armors + 1 Power Sword and we almost have the same amount of accessories as NA He-Man, which would keep Dare in the range of a Normal Figure (even if he's a twofer.)

He seems to be mostly reused parts, which is a good thing for Mattel.
Still, it's Freaking Dare and he'd be wasting a space that could have gone to far more deserving characters...
In any case you have been warned about him and what he could look like.

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