Sep 6, 2016

Movie themed Odds and ends Sept. 6, 2016

Remember when I mentioned the whole Forced Diversity on Spider-Man Homecoming? I mentioned the whole Shocker being black thing... Well Pics of Shocker in outfit have been leaked!
And well... He looks Shocker-ish... He has the yellow and brown outfit, the Vibro-Shock Gauntlets... Only that the suit looks way too baggy. Shocker's supposed to look extra padded. The quilt jokes are due to his padded look. AND HIS PADDING HAS A CANONICAL REASON FOR EXISTING... Protecting Schultz from the vibrations from his gauntlets.

Emo Khal Drogo will begin shooting in 2017. I am talking of course of The Crow Reboot.
Well, The Crow already has set the Bar WAY TOO LOW...

Hey look! It's John Connor! Get Him, Robert Patrick!!

To be fair, I could have used a worse reference for Mr. Dacascos... Or I could have been a bit less of a dick and gone with Only the Strong.

Wait, isn't that the dude from Ugly Betty?

So, they'll go closer to the books in this iteration, but still, Jason Momoa!? More likely than not I WILL NOT watch it, but mentioning it just to take a few jabs against The Crow sequels and Jason Momoa.

Get ready to hear a new Single by Taylor Swift on how much Tom Hiddleston is a trickster like Loki and how he deceived her or something. Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift have called it quits.
If I were a Celebrity (or a Celebrity's kid) I would avoid her like the plague... Being badmouthed via song is horrible... Dave Coulier oughta know.
Now the thing is that she was afraid of being too public with the God of Mischief... I mean, she moved in with him two weeks after her last break-up and pretty much everyone jokes on how Swift is well, swift in changing Partners to churn out songs.

And Mel Gibson thinks Batman v. Superman sucks. But is Mel Gibson still Relevant? Last I heard of him was Expendables 3 and that was after his racist tirade... I get he's not a fan of the Genre, but still, why are people asking Mel Gibson about Superhero films... That would be like asking Martha Stewart about Hot Rods.

Lame news everyone! You know the Reboot with Teenagers with Attitude? Well, none of the Remaining 40-somethings with Attitude were invited to make a cameo for the reboot. I KINDA get why they are avoiding the cameos... (Feig's movie comes to mind) but people LOVE these cameos... Stan Lee comes to mind or the Ferrigno cameo in The Hulk. How a cameo of the Original Rangers could have worked? Have them on one of those scenes where the "Monster" is terrorizing the city and the camera shows some color coded adults running to safety. If one of them drops a flier for the Angel Grove Class of '95 Reunion (seeing that MMPR ended in 1995 before going Zeo)

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