Sep 16, 2016

Odds and ends 9/16/16

The Gawkerslayer might return to the WWE, brother! If the whole WWE beginning to acknowledge Hogan's existence as mentioned in the Forbes article is true, he may be able to return in some way (Hopefully Hulkster Merchandise will become available)

I feel sad for Jonah Hill... No matter what he does he ends up looking like a little bitch. While normally I'd say he is a little bitch, this time I kinda have to side with him. The French Weatherperson was a bit out of line about her sexual fantasy involving Hill making her laugh then have him replaced by Brad Pitt and Leo DiCaprio for the actual sex. I mean, replace Hill for Melissa McCarthy and replace Pitt and DiCaprio for J-Law and Margot Robbie. Now can you see the mean spiritedness?

Jason Mardsen won't be reprising his Full House Role... The role will be played by:

Yup, Hal Sparks...

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