Sep 26, 2016

Top ten Picks from Filmation for Super7 to tackle.

Apparently, I completely forgot how long a week is.
Like the Past MOTUC Rant, I'll use Matty's 7 figure and 3 Extra "Larger SKUs" for the sake of simplicity.

So, Matty gave us: He-Man, Skeletor, Beastman, Trap Jaw, Evil Lyn, Clawful, and Evil Seed.

The Magnificent 7:
-Man-at-Arms Core, CORE, CORE Good guy. He's a new head, armor and arms. He could come with a fixed Filmation Teela Head for PD Teela, IF a Full Teela is not on the cards.
-Sorceress (extra Kodok Ungol Head that way even MOTUC ONLY folks would get one)Also, if they fix DEM WINGS, more folks would buy her.
-Fisto, head, armor and Fist is all we need for this Hard to find Heroic Warrior.
-Stratos Basic Heroic Warrior who is just a head, harness and wings
-Tri-Klops He's just a head and Harness, not to mention a core Evil Warrior.
-Mer-Man: Core Evil Warrior and he'd be rather easy to make.
- Count Marzo (exclusive): As much as I hate the idea of Filmation Marzo being a sub exclusive, he's not core enough to punish non-subscribers too much and he already has a MOTUC Variant, which makes him fair game for the sub-line.
Large SKUs:
-Adam + Cringer + Orko 3 pack: The only Real new tooling Item here is the Articulated Cringer since Adam is just a new vest and Orko is a Re-release of the MOTUC Orko, but in more Cartoon Accurate Colors. (Also completes the 3 others share this secret...)
- Ram Man: While he is shorter, he needs to be a deluxe figure. Due to his Spring ability, he'd need to pop at the waist, like King Hsss and would need a second set of spring legs.
-King Randor and Queen Marlena 2 Pack: I know, what you're thinking: But we have Decent MOTUC versions! They are not accurate enough. If we let these two slide under the radar, then we can call over half of the sub-line superfluous. Randor is just new Head, necklace and forearms. Marlena is nearly 100% new tooling. Now if you noticed, this whole line-up is meant to neatly wrap up this line if it were to end a bit too soon. It completes the CORE CORE CORE Characters and allows for a mostly symmetrical display. (It's still slightly more tilted towards good and while it kinda misses Teela, the PD Teela can ALMOST pass for Filmation, unlike the MAA from the Battle Ram)

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