May 2, 2016

It came from the Toy chest: Custom Triangular Rack for Grayskull

Ah, remember Castle Grayskull? How Mattel promised stuff and then they Altered the Deal? During the Neitlich era. We missed a 3D Representation of the Dungeon Grate that was a Sticker in vintage and in classics. There was someone making 3D grates, but seller did not ship to PR, so I was unable to get one.

One item not often mentioned is the Triangular Weapon Rack that was a cardboard cutout back in the day. Mattel forgot about this... Luckily, Barbarossa Custom Creations did not. He's made a few of these before, but I often missed out. After it not being available for quite some time, it came back. Bit the bullet and bought one. And I regret it wasn't soon enough!

It comes unassembled. Luckily for me, the pegs were pre-inserted. No need to do that myself. I suppose Barbarossa got some complaints about that and decided to do the hard part himself and save us the hassle.
Once assembled, it's pretty sturdy looking. You COULD GLUE IT if you like, but I don't feel it's necessary to do so.
Putting it next to the Mattel-Made Castle Grayskull Weapon's Rack makes it feel like it belongs with it. The colors are not an EXACT MATCH to the Rack, but they are freaking close.
Once you have this in hand, you'll realize how much it was needed.

Do the  Mario and hit that Jump!!

Screaming Skeletor Head, Also by Barbarossa Custom Creations!!
The Unpainted Pic here doesn't do it Justice.
85% of My MOTUCs are still in Storage since I have not had time to buy materials to build my shelves to display them. With that said, the Faceplate is most likely a Retooled Scareglow head on a Dittzroyer Hood. Not 100% sure, but call it a hunch!
You only NEED to give it some SLIGHT paint touches... maybe a Green Wash if you're into that sort of thing, paint the rark holes of eyes and mouth. I went an additional step and applied some darker yellow. I was using the Alcala Head on this Skeletor... Not anymore!

Now I need to find a Spare Masque Cape and I can have my 200X Skeletor... (also find and master some sculpting Material to replace the bracers mine currently has...)

So, what are you waiting for, get yours!!! It'll be worth it!

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