May 2, 2016

Deapool:The game:the Rant

Luckily it wasn't Deadpool: the Movie: the Game: the Rant... So it's a Pre-Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool...

But not Pre-Ryan Reynolds as Barakapool... And this made me realize that Sabretooth only has had ONE Movie Appearance... Talking about X-1 since this abomination never happened...

so, Deadpool the game:
Where to start?
I'll have to admit this is the weakest point of the game. Basically Deadpool wants to make Deadpool: the game and we go through the game as Deadpool tries to get the game made. Get it? The 4th Wall gets raped worse than when it deals with Ms. Diane... But the story of the game is Mr. Sinister is going to mutate all of Humanity and it's up to the X-Men and Deadpool to stop them... only that the X-Men play second fiddle to Deadpool. We do have a Cable and Deadpool team up, bizarre Deadpool elements, Wolverine... It had great moments, but the story is really unimportant.

Even Deadpool himself dismisses the story.


The game is a PS3, XBox360 game that was also made for XBOne and PS4. As you can see on the previous clip posted, the graphics are decent for a PS3, or XBox360 game, which means that they are passable on PS4.


They're decent. 2 melee attack buttons, short range teleport button, jump button, Aiming button, shooting button, throwable weapon button. Easy to learn!
You run around fighting baddies and unaliving them. You have some platforming elements and some strange elements because DP is not alright up there.

but most of the time you're fighting hordes of enemies...

Sounds and Music:
You get the usual actionny rock music for action games, some background pieces for story.

But every onece in a while you get a little jewel like this...


and this!

For the voices we get Nolan North as Deadpool, who has voiced Deadpool for quite some time already... Ever since Hulk vs. We also got Steve Blum, who took over the Wolverine role... While he IS good, he ain't no Cal Dodd, bub! (FYI every other Wolverine after Dodd is making a Dodd impression... kinda like how most Batmen make Conroy impressions) The rest of the cast is decent, so 9.0


Deadpool gets a 7.3 as the final rating. It's not bad, but a bit too short and repetitive. This makes the jokes less funny. If video rental places were still a thing, this game would be a perfect Rental.

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