May 14, 2016

It Came from the Toy Chest: It's grey, flies and has derped eyes...

And it's NOT a My Little Pony Character, so Derpy Hooves Fans, I'm sorry for misleading you. I am talking about the March Figure for Masters of the Universe Classics, Vultak... Yes, I am aware that we're in Mid-May and I'm reviewing the MARCH Figure... Blame the incompetence from the Neitlich-Free Team. I warned y'all about it when we found out that Scott has quit teh Lien and Mattel. The whole Devil you know part...

But you can totally Thank Me for him getting the Proper Bracers. Now we shall get back to Vultak: He's the Horde Zookeeper... I'm afraid of wondering who the heck is Jani-Tor...

So he's like a Vultureman... no not THAT KIND OF VULTURE, Man!! He also comes from the She-Ra Cartoon.

Standard Male MOTUc Articulation here: Not that much to write about. The wings work just like Angella's. The ankles they work like Filmation He-Man... Mine are loose as hell. I must point something out. They improved one of the sculpt issues on the new ankle joints on him by reducing the gap between the shins and the ankle piece. the unsightly gap from Filmation He-Man is not there
Sadly, they still need to reduce the gap on the foot piece. Compare his foot to Mantenna's to see what I mean.
While he has plenty of Articulation his MEGA LOOSE Ankles make them mostly worthless since he can barely stand. (I have to use BluTac to keep him standing... until he tilts forward or backwards.

Paint and Sculpt:
I mentioned the Ankle sculpt issue in Articulation because this issue had an effect on the Articulation. The rest of the Sculpt is fine, but I question myself on WHY DID THEY GIVE HIM A REMOVABLE ARMOR!? the weight of the wings makes his armor to act oddly. Paintwise? Well he's sloppier than a contestant on a sloppy joe eating competition. Both arms have sloppy paintjobs on them. The right Forearm was painted 3/4 and has a part unpainted in gray. The left forearm has gray bits, metallic blue bits and light blue bits. This forced me to repaint him. Mine is derped out... and kinda looks like a Panthro high on smilex.

Then the Torso... Vultak is wearing a Corset!!
Couldn't they have used "the wifebeater" paintjob used on King He-Man, He-Ro, Hordak, etc? What the Hell!?


He has a Bird Crossbow that it allows me to say nothing much other than Horde Crossbow.

The Other Accessory is a super rigid Rope with a collar at the end for Kowl.
Careful with it:
-It's rigid, so it could break easily
-It also leaves Metallic Blue residue on your Kowls...


Vultak gets a 2.73 as his final score. Horrible QC and bad design choices harmed this figure a lot more than I expected.

I was a bit underwhelmed with Masque and Vultak is very disappointing... Can't wait for Despara... (Right now I'm a bit bummed about Darius)

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