May 21, 2016

Michael Keaton's Homecoming is apparently now real?

Apparently, he's back to the role of Spider-Man's villain for Homecoming.
Rumors put him as Vulture and after watching Birdman (or the unexpected virtue of ignorance), that would be typecasting... Me? Right now, I'd rather see Mysterio. Vulture's cool, but I don't want Keaton to be typecast into flying dudes...

In any case, All I know is that the movie is supposedly Goblin, Lizard and Doctor Octopus free... (Sad about the no Ock... He's Spidey's TRUE Nemesis, not Goblin!!)

Let's see if we get some more info on this... especially since we're kinda getting a Batman vs. Spider-Man...

-end rant
I know you noticed no info on Matty SDCC Items like the She-Ra doll that may come with a Vintage toy outfit and an Adora outfit... Matty without Neitlich has screwed up the reveal that was meant to happen on Friday... It didn't... Because we know the degree of professionals managing Matteh...

Hoo Crap! I almost forgot! Bad news True Believers! Stan Lee will no longer make any public event appearances... His last one will be NYCC 2016! Now To be fair, his eyesight and hearing are deteriorating and he's... let me google it... 93! Years old... Seems fair enough... Now, I dread the eventual... nope! not gonna finish that sentence.

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