May 11, 2016

Now for a better Petition... Dear Mickey I wanna take you for a ride!!

But in case you didn't catch the reference:

Few Fierce Attacks, DIAPER BEAM!!! Huh! Sorry, I was having flashbacks on beating Abyss...

So now that we've heard the unfortunate news about Disney not making games in-house with the death of Disney Infinity, there's a petition circling teh internets!!

It involves Crapcom... And Disney... Well at least the Marvel Part of Disney:

Marvel vs Capcom 4!!
The petition is asking Disney to work with Crapcom in order to have a Marvel vs Capcom 4.

This seems contradictory, seeing that I tend to call Crapcom, well, Crapcom... SFV is to blame. Gotta play that Guile Update to rant about it... Tomorrow, or a Jake Gyllenhaal movie. But the thing is I love the MVC Games... One was a bit cheap with the small roster... 2 had a gynormous roster but no real endings and 3 has Tara Strong as Girlverine... Also there's 200X Teenage Mutant Ninja Phoenix Wright... who does machines and Shalashaska Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man...
One thing that 3 doesn't have is:

(But it has Nolan North as Deadpool!)

I wanna have a PS4/XBOne game where I can do THIS!

Now picture it with alternate MCU costumes...

Think about it: Maybe a bigger roster with some MCU folks who haven't had a chance... (Since Disney has a fit with fox, there may be less X-folks and fantastic people, but plenty of room for other Marvel Folks... Vision, Scarlet Witch come to mind.) Also a chance for OTHER Capcom folks to get some love... *cough*Dmitri Maximoff! *cough* Bishamon! *cough* Captain Commando *cough* X!

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