May 18, 2016

Playtime Masters needs your help!

What is Playtime Masters? is the first question you have. A question that I'll let this video answer.

As you can see, this documentary is a bit different it's not about the brand itself, but about the EFFECTS that brand has had on people like you or me.

As you may have noticed if you've read the MANY, MANY House of Rants posts regarding He-Man, you know that Masters of the Universe and it spin-off, Princess of Power are VERY, VERY important to me.

Do you want to help? How can you help? Simple:
Go to the Indiegogo link for Playtime Masters, and donate. The goal is $10,000 which is a rather small goal compared to other ludicrous things like 1/5 of a Million dollars for a girl to play dress-up and read wiki entries... Or the Potato salad kickstarter that raised $55,492 for a $10 potato salad.
Making this Documentary happen will also tell Mattel OUR STORY and why we BELIEVE IN HE-MAN when Mattel pretty much doesn't.

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