May 17, 2016

TAINT 2 shows us the Krang... and some Hasbro news

And I cannot fathom that I AM EXCITED FOR THIS movie much more than I am for X-Men Apocalypse... It's like I'm in Bizarro World.

FREAKING KRANG, ROCKSTEADY AND BEBOP... If it wasn't for the TAINT designs for the Turtles, I'd almost be in heaven...

Shame that we will not get any MARTHA!! References in that movie...

Also, Transformers 5 is called The Last Knight... just to keep it in Bay News...

If I tell you that Liev Schreiber and Taye Diggs are working in a movie... what do you expect?

FREAKING SABRETOOTH in My Little Pony... Dude!!

One More ting!! WB is working on a Harley Movie...
One thing that bothers me is:
The character has some similarities to Marvel’s Deadpool
And you can see why I'm worried. Now it looks like WB is after the surprising DP Money... and after MARTHA!! the movie, I don't think this is a good idea

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