May 19, 2016

The curious case of Rage against James Rolfe.

James Rolfe made an innocent video about why he refuses to watch the Ghostbusters Reboot

and he got a shitstorm of hatred from third wavers... Seriously, Salon, The Atlantic and other blogs have called him a bunch of names (misogynistic, man-baby, nerd, etc.) because of his video... in which he simply decides NOT TO WATCH IT BECAUSE IT'S A REBOOT OF A FRANCHISE HE ENJOYS... Nothing about sexism there. The only sexism stem from the attacks at James... who did the video as himself, not as his foul-mouthed alcohol fueled angry videogame nerd character.

The only reference to the cast he makes is the whole "Female Ghostbusters" as how people are calling the cast and asks if we must refer to the 1984 Ghostbusters as the "Male Ghostbusters".

He won't see the movie because it's an attempt to grab some money based on the name Ghostbusters and sweeps the Original Movies under the rug. I think I'll consider his advice and NOT SEE the movie, unless I don't have to use my money to see it. Guess I'll wait until it hits DVD and they put it at the electronics area of my local KMart.and watch it for free then.
*=I am not being paid by the Sears Holdings Corporation for this mention of KMart.

So, if you're against this movie, PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THE THEATERS TO SEE IT!! Make it crash and burn like the Cinematic Turd you think it is.

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