May 23, 2016

God of War Collection Final Episode: Ghost of Sparta

So, I finally went through the last game of the Collection: Ghost of Sparta. The game takes place between the Original God of War and God of War II. It was the second PSP game.

Story:Sinking Atlantis... or Tuesday for Kratos. There he finds out he has a BROTHER!! and that he's alive... well technically he knew about the brother, we didn't. Yes, we get flashbacks of Kid Kratos and his Brother, Deimos. Apparently, Kratos got his sick tat as a tribute to his brother who had a birthmark like Kratos' tat. You know I'm dying here to make a Racer X reference, right? So Kratos sinks Atlantis, then he kills Thanatos... With a TH, not X... but yeah, Xanatos' name is inspired by Thanatos, the Greek Death. 
Oopps! too late! But yeah, Kratos goes on a rampage killing stuff and breaking people in order to find Death and Kill it. I found it a bit too short, even for a GoW game.

Sounds and Music:
The Music is still using some themes from the original God of War, which is expected since this is ANOTHER Game in the series. Voices...
Well, Young Kratos is CHICO!! Thanatos was in Night Trap... Yeah, That Night Trap... buuuut~ We also know him as Motherfreaking DESTRO!! Devastator... Spike, don't do the enemy Scrotum clip!
He was also a Go-Bot, but we do not talk about go-bots... I think Jennifer Hale did Callisto, Kratos' mother. I know The Colonel was the Gravedigger, and Spike Spiegel was a generic dude...

What's the deal with changing the controls in every freaking GoW game? This one got some slight control changes from the past PSP game. But the changes aren't too meddlesome.

Since this is a PSP game (slightly less powerful than a PS2) port, the graphics are not up to PS3 Standards. For a PSP game Ghost of Sparta gets an...

In these five games, the gameplay has not changed... Thank goodness! You played 1 God of War or 5 out of 6 and so far my expectations have been met. They all kept the hack and slash with a few puzzles and abusing the QTEs.

Ghost of Sparta gets an 8.2 as its final score. Which is a pretty good score for a game on a series I despised.

Now let's see how the entire Collection fares:
GoW: 7.9
GoW 2: 8.0
GoW 3: 8.6
GoW CoO: 7.9
GoW GoS: 8.2

The Entire Collection gets an 8.12 as the final score. 5 decent games (even if 2 are digital, blegh!) for under $20? I call that a win! I may consider ordering Ascension now...

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