May 4, 2016

SONY's damage control is getting worse

First they deleted tons of Youtube comments on how awful the Ghost-bust-hers trailer was, save the most soggy knee stick ones... Then they went to SJW friendly sites crying soggy knee and the idiots there published some BS about Soggy Knee being why this unwanted reboot by a hit or miss, mostly miss director with a very sexist gimmick was hated... They have unleashed Fat Jenny McCarthy to defend this trainwreck!!

The Trailer is bad because it confuses people about the movie... It's not a sequel, it's a reboot...

Shyeah! Being a Reboot is one of the MAIN ISSUES PEOPLE HAVE WITH THIS SLIMED TURD!!
The Other is that the effects look like they were made for a Straight to TV movie by nickelodeon or Disney Channel.
The third main reason is that the Humor is too in your face and relying on stereotypes and slapstick.
(Leslie Jones plays loud obnoxious black woman vs Ernie Hudson's everyman approach to his character)
Fourth Reason: Casting Choices... People do not find Leslie Jones Funny at all... I DON'T FIND Melissa McCarthy funny at all!

You know what? Screw this crap! I'm going to spend Star Wars Day doing something Productive...
SPIKE! Tell them what movie I'll be watching today:

Tomorrow is 5 de Mayo... The day where a bunch of crackers will do racist stereotypes of Mexicans like wearing Ponchos, sombreros... you know Brett from accounting will take it a bit too far and bring in a donkey, slur like Cheech Marin and even pass out on the hallways because of a Tequila siesta. Don't be like Brett!

In any case Civl War is coming

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