May 31, 2016

I guess Damage Control has reached OVER 9000! for Ghost bust hers...

And now Fat Jenny McCarthy has joined the fray! The incredibly unfunny Melissa McCarthy has delivered her thoughts on the haters. first Feig calls the geeks, you know the ones who are meant to pay to see this movie because of the name "Ghostbusters"

Basically, if you dislike the movie, you're an unmarried ass, with no friends! That's Melissa McCarthy's argument in defense of this movie...
She of course has to defend this turd until it comes out. And really, Resorting to pretty much calling the haters "lonely people who will never get laid" is so mature. I'm surprised Living in Mom's Basement" wasn't added to the mix!

Now how can this made worse? Maybe by Tossing a Real Ghostbuster to the mix!
There you have it: Dan Akroyd is promoting this movie. That does not automatically mean it's good. His Post starts stating that he CREATED Ghostbusters. This part is important. He gets paid for Royalties for EVERYTHING GHOSTBUSTERS. Action Figures, videogames, clothing, movies, etc. So, seeing a post of Dan Akroyd shilling the new movie makes sense. The more the movie makes, the more money he gets because of

Yup! Merchandising! Think about it! We're all going to give Akroyd some money when we buy Ecto Cooler, or the Mattel GB Figures, or the nifty shirts with the GITD Ghostbusters logo, etc.
He wants butts at the cinema... The prospect of a GB2 is more money in his pocket. He blatantly says: "I'm paying to see that and bringing all my friends!" The message is loud and clear. He wants as many people as he can get to see this... Because of the Royalties.

The movie is not good, period. It started with a gimmick. Let's be honest here: The All-Female team is nothing more than a gimmick to spice up the already hated idea of a reboot/remake. For Feig wanting to do his own thing and distance himself from the original, he seems to be following the original very closely, while adding his low brow humor. Getting the slime out of her vagina and ass joke? Yup! This is high class work here people!! Seriously, Genderbending casts is almost as uncreative as putting something IN SPAAAAAAAAACE! Then we have the propaganda. The tweets, the Girl Power Promos and such.  They made it into a political statement and it backfired. Now they are riding the misogyny train.

Do yourself a favor and DO NOT WATCH THIS, especially if you think it's a turd. Do NOT GIVE THEM MONEY to justify a Fieg GB2. Don't even pirate it... Just wait 3-5 months until it reaches DVD and watch it for free at your favorite retailer.

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