Jun 1, 2016

Arkham Knight DLCs: Season of Infamy and A Matter of Family

Normally, I don't do the DLC thing. But it was raining and I couldn't go out and see Alice in Burtonland 2... Good thing too! I wasn't a fan of the First One and I do not want to see Apocalypse again... (Don't want to burn myself out before it comes to DVD and I think it's official that the Timeline is completely screwed up and we're supposed to ignore the Original X-Men movies... even if the new Timeline has an AustraloCanadian problem from the previous continuity...) MARTHA!!
We're talking Batman, not Marvel, so let's get back on Topic.
I LOATHE DLC, especially the kind I have to pay for... No it's not being a cheapskate. It's more of a notion called: I already paid for the damned game, what do you mean I have to spend $17 More to get something that is supposed to be part of the game!? So, I caved in and got these 2 DLC mostly because 1 is an expansion to the Actual Game (4 Extra Missions) and the other is a Prequel Episode with Batgirl!! To say that they are short is an understatement, but to be fair so was Harley Quinn's Revenge in Arkham City. This is not a Rockstar Games DLC, where they literally make a brand new game of the game (See Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare, or GTA IV: Ballad of Gay Tony, or The Lost and The Damned.)

OK, Season of Infamy is 4 extra Criminal Bat-Cases added to the Main Game. I spent 15 minutes trying to figure out how to play it when, I went into normal story mode to vent my frustration. Then I saw a new loading screen. Huh! So, these extra missions are:

-The Mad Hatter's surrendered himself to the GCPD, but there are some missing cops and he may hold the clues...
-Iron Heights Blimp crashed on Gotham... a Mr. Waylon Jones may have something to do with it.
-Mr. Freeze's boat crashed near Miagani Island... Spoilers: There is a part of the mission where you use the Car...
-Last but not Least: Ra's Al Ghul's League of Assassins is back on Gotham and they seem to be going through a Civil War... with Crazy Ass Ninjas!

The missions aren't that long, but for $10 they are kinda worth it... There is that part that is screaming: "These fit perfectly within the game!! I feel like I'm being ripped off by paying for them!"
With that said, it's pretty cool! Kinda like the equivalent to Championship Edition of SF II.

Now the $7 Arkham Episode: A Matter of Family, now this feels like an Added Mini-chapter  that is obviously NOT PART OF THE GAME itself. It gives you a different character and a whole new self-contained "Playground". This one hurts a little bit more since the other Episodes are $2. But
There's 5 more of them so that's $10 added to the $17 I spent so far, that's $27 and I still wouldn't have the other extras, like the suits or level packs with suits... and the rumor of a Game Of The Year version of Arkham Knight coming in July... I kinda feel ripped off! Don't get me wrong, they are good, but had I known that a GOTY was coming, I would have abstained of rebuying the game after I lost my original copy. But in any case, if you won't buy the GOTY, then get these... I think the Season Pass gives you access to all the Episodes, but not the Season of Infamy... not sure at the moment and too lazy to find out.

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