Jun 21, 2016

Beware the Newest GB Cartoon, 2016 movie... You have become obsolete!

Before all 4 supporters of this cinematic Turd... It reeks just like Jem, Trakt4stic, and Dragon Ball: Evolution, so can it with the whole "you haven't seen it yet, why are you judging it you sexist Trump supporting Virgin  who will never score!" BS.

The movie IS going to be bad: What else confirms this? The Cartoon Spin-Off.
Ghostbusters: Ecto-Force set in 2050 with a NEW TEAM of Busters... Not to mention the "Second Male driven movie". When SONY has to push these other GB Projects with no real affiliation to Paul Feig's movie SHOWS that they are very wary of that film but they can't simply back down.

Last Ghostbusters cartoon was a Follow-up to the Previous Ghostbusters cartoon, which was a follow-up to the 1984 movie. This "Ecto force" distanced itself from the Movie by 34 years. THAT'S HOW BAD THIS MOVIE IS GOING TO BE. It's not misogyny or racism to point out that even SONY themselves are covering their collective asses because of this movie.

I'm aware that people who like Melissa McCarthy will flock to this movie... (I still don't find her funny and I like Fart Jokes) SOME Feminists will go see it to punch the patriarchy in the dick. Most will not since they are more often than not armchair outrage manufacturers. Some misguided GB fans will go in to support the brand. so it'll make some money the first week. The question is: Will it get a massive BvS drop?  Will it be good? I'm trying my best to do a James Rolfe and REFUSE TO WATCH... but I saw Dragon Ball: Evolution, Trankt4stic, Street fighter: The Legend of Chun Li, not at the theaters, but watched them nonetheless, and I saw Jem at the movie theater... So, I could cave in...

I want to say that I'll eat crow, like it partially happened with MARTHA!!: The Movie, but I don't find McCarthy or Jones funny. This is important since those two are the ones delivering most of the "funny lines" in the trailer. Reboots tend to be worse than the original and that makes them feel inferior (or trying too hard) but if I were to watch it and happen to enjoy it, I'll eat crow! Highly unlikely based on what I've seen. Will you, dumbasses who defend this turd, be willing to eat crow and admit it's awful if it IS awful?

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