Jun 10, 2016

Why I Love MOTUC...

Y'all make it hard for me to not complain...I'm NOT a Club
Grayskull Subscriber. I'm a Collector's Choice Subber and a
Club Third Earth Subber! 
I know it's kind of stupid that I need to do this, but since I am become Death, destroyer of MOTUC: I want to make it clear that my "destruction" is out of love, not hate.

Delays, even if as small as 3 days tend to piss off customers. While this one, TECHNICALLY doesn't apply to me. People with Both Collector's Choice and Club Grayskull would be rightfully pissed Off. 2 out of 7 new MOTU items on both subscriptions have made it out on time. This issue is ON YOUR SIDE, not ours. Reducing your goof ups will reduce the "negativity" to the point that only nitpicking is left.

Now, so the widdle mattel empwoyees don't feew bad by the meanie pointing out of a goof on their side, here's a more positive post... So, Mattel, grab a blankie, a stuffed animal, some cwayons, some Gluten Free 100% Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies and some Soy milk as you head into your special place.

So let's dish out the reasons WHY I LOVE MOTUC.

-It has Masters of the Universe in the Title:
Now this is a tricky one. I don't love EVERYTHING with the MOTU title. (ie: the Giants, the Mini Masters, Baby Skeletor) But this one I do? Why is that? It's "Pure" Masters of the Universe. Not a Novelty Item like Baby Skeletor, the licensed stuff from Super 7.

-They are True MOTU Action Figures for the 21st Century:
Why did the 200X Toyline fail? No, Mattel, It wasn't the fans not wanting to buy product. I'll give you a hint: The main reasons it failed involve someone who makes stuff... Stuff like Barbie, Hot Wheels, Max Steel, among others... Mattel. A hypothetical case of 12 with 4 He-Men, 4 Skeletors, 1 Beastman, 1 Man-at-Arms, 1 Teela or Evil Lyn, and one Stratos makes it hard to get the other characters because of the He-Men and Skeletors clogging the shelves. The line had potential, but missteps on your end killed it. Now Classics evolved from 200X dying and delivered True Action Figures for the 21st Century. Not statues like the licensed Statue line from NECA, but true blue action figures. Not novelty pieces like the Giants with their oversized card, or Baby Skeletor. Real Action Figures that you can play with or display... This leads us to the next point.

-They embrace Articulation over gimmicks:
Gimmicks like Battle Damage drums, or gun cap exploding punch effects are sooo 80s and 90s. The 00s were the Era of Killer Sculpts with Super Articulation. Marvel Legends began the trend, followed by SOTA's Street Fighter, some NECA lines got into the Articulation gig. (Took them some time, because half the lines were McFarlane-esque statues) for some Reason Mattel decided to go AGAINST Articulation for 200X. Luckily for Classics, they went with Articulation. Had they not gone with Articulation, I would have avoided getting the figures.

-It's Mostly an Anthology line:
It encompasses most of Masters of the Universe's history (though very little of the He-Man in space era) and shoehorns in a few ideas from past management... (Neitlichverse) With this Toyline I can have Princess of Power, Original Masters of the Universe figures, Figures from the Filmation and 2002 Cartoon, The New Adventures of He-Man figures, characters from Mini Comics and the current DC comics all under one cohesive style. Unlike the past two MOTU Lines (2002 and the previous commemorative line) This one covers all eras, and not rehashing the main Vintage folks.) Unlike Past lines where each Toyline was separated by Stylistic Choice, here EVERYONE IS COMPATIBLE!!

-They are Pretty Solid Toys (for the most part):
Yes, there were a few QC Nightmares in the line: Roboto, Goddess with their exploding action come to mind. The Blastic Folk like Vykron too! Other than that, we must accept that these are pretty well made toys with sturdy accessories compared to other Adult Collectibles and for similar price points (without counting the Outrageous shipping costs from Digital River.)

-The Sculpting work by the FourHorsemen:
Taking inspiration from the Vintage style and look and giving the characters some "oomph!"(Varies from figure to figure) to make them a brand new thing while being respectful to the sources is an amazing feat. The FourHorsemen managed to pull this off and it was an incentive to pay attention to the line. Especially on the few Vehicles we have.

-It Reignited my love for the brand:
After 200X was dead and the toys turned into statues, I was ready to shelve once again my MOTU Fandom. Marvel Legends was getting most of the focus. Once I saw the He-Man Proto I was super excited. Then the Online Only killed my interest until I ordered Teela.

-It allowed me to Surpass my past collections (on characters, not counting vehicles or playsets):
I completed the Original MOTU Roster, the Original PoP Roster, in addition to figures I never Dreamed to have... Like the Shadow Weaver I won on a contest. Or Kobra Khan Camuflado being ACTUALLY MADE!!

-It made embrace the Art of Customizing (even if I suck at it!):
I just realized that Not Only I have a decent amount of characters from most eras of MOTU, but I've also made New Customs and mixed them into  the collection. Whether simple Part swaps, to getting Third Party recasts to improve on some characters, or make new ones, Classics Allowed me to mix in these customs with official products and create my own fan continuity. It also made me appreciate Third Party stuff a lot more.

-It made me Appreciate the New Adventures of He-Man:
Before Classics, I LOATHED, HATED, DESPISED The New Adventures of He-Man with a passion burning stronger than 1000 suns. Getting them in classics made me take a chance with the show and I learned to appreciate it.

-I enjoyed the Bios:
That's right I enjoyed the bios... By that I mean the few that are good in the sea of badly combined stuff by  like Bow's bio being about Hordak and how Bow is totally not gay! Yes, I enjoyed ripping apart the horrible things in the bios, but when something good came up, I totally praised it.

-The Mini Comics were nice:
The storyline may have been cringeworthy at best, but the art was nice, most of the time... Final Issue was plain awful! but getting Mini Comics with a MOTUC Figure somehow felt right... Just like we Remember!

That more or less encapsulates Why I love MOTUC, DESPITE the goof ups done by Mattel. Why do I keep harping on and on about Mattel Goof ups? Simple: I want Mattel to improve their game. Heck! I'm even getting figures I swore off! There were plenty of times where I could have walked away, but DIDN'T. As a fan I've done all I can to keep MOTU alive. I just can't stand Mattel not doing THEIR PART. They want more positive reactions from the community, then Make it happen!! Fix the issues!
I will keep doing my part (mostly because I've locked myself in a subscription), but I won't pretend everything's peachy, when it's not.
If Mattel wants to end this, at least GIVE US SNAKE MOUNTAIN as a Final Thank you!

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