Jun 11, 2016

Gawker filed Bankruptcy and is looking for a savior... and other stuff...

Ziff Davis is apparently going to play that role. I pity the fools at Ziff Davis. Unless they change the whole Gawker into something they are not. It's good to know that the Hulkster is still following through. Hopefully, they will crash and burn!!

We've seen how Gawker has trashed people left and right and they think they're Above the Law... (No Steven Seagal movie reference intended) This time, they messed with the wrong guy and they're gonna pay for it... But we all know that they'll try to weasel out of paying the Hulkster, or at least keep trying to.

Cowboy lassoed Bike Bandit at Wal-Mart? I love Odd News and that kind of stuff, but this is the stuff of legends right here. Do you expect to hear or read soemthing as outlandish as that? This happened in Oregon...
Come on! you knew an Oregon Trail Reference was bound to happen.

Here's a video of a News Article... I was hoping for some security camera footage... That would've been funny to see as it happened, alas.

Melissa McCarthy still doesn't get it. This Jimmy Kimmel Live clip shows the SONY PR Spin Machine working overtime.
Voice of the First Female Ghostbuster
You also know her as Timmy Turner,
Younger Ben Tennyson, Princess Book horse

The problem is more along the lines: It's a Freaking Reboot!!
But keep playing the Misogyny card... No, It's not Women can't be funny either...
We could have gotten Seth Rogen, James Franco, Kevin Hart, and Jonah Hill and We'd STILL BE COMPLAINING ABOUT IT BEING A FREAKING REBOOT!

Now SONY (more likely Amy Pascal) CHOSE to have a Genderbent cast as a gimmick. (said it before, but this point needs to be remade every time they mention misogyny) That is simply a creatively bankrupt gimmick.
“What they don’t say when they’re typing is that one minute after they type that their mom’s like, ‘Get upstairs and take out the garbage!'”-a Woman whose shtick is she's a bumbling fat person and raunchy.
Totally unrelated item of an upcoming
It Came From the Toy chest!
Really, Basement-dwelling troll insult? That's the best you have? Really!?

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy. There was something on the leaked e-mails from SONY  about Legally threatening Murray to participate in this project. Also, Ernie Hudson wasn't entirely on board... maybe the whole Legal Threat forced his hand into appearing?

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