Jun 12, 2016

A Telltale Batman game? Not feeling it...

Yup, TellTale ganes is making a Batman game... I don't feel it.

I mean, Batman as a point and click game... it sounds wrong! But at the same time sounds Kinda right!

Allow me to explain:
I don't trust a point and click game for action games and PART of Batman involves action.

Buut the whole World's Greatest Detective could benefit from Point and Click...

Also, since the game is forcing you to Play as Bruce Wayne, Point and click could work...
Y'know, TellTale games may be up to something here... How can I bring this back into a complaint:
Episodic Format. I'm not fond of "Episodic format games" since it pretty much grinds your gameplay down to THE DEV's pace. Also, the hypothetical fear that Episode one does great, then Ep 2 does so-so. Ep 3 doesn't sell that many copies... You wanted 4,5,and 6? Well too bad! Game's cancelled!
But then again, this is Batman... It's hard enough to screw up Batman... Unless you're Joel Schumacher!

At the moment, I may not be interested in playing this game, but if a physical copy with all the episodes is made, I may give it a look.

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