Jun 17, 2016

Odds and ends June 17, 2016: Meatloaf, Jerry Lawler, stuff!

Meatloaf collapsed on stage... Yes, while singing I would do Anything for Love (but I won't do that)

Out of ALL the songs to collapse to it HAD TO BE THIS ONE... So he'll do anything for love but he won't finish singing the song... What? Too soon? Come on! The Universe itself set it up perfectly! Don't blame me for pointing it out!

Jerry The King Lawler Suspended from the WWE beacause of Domestic Violence Allegations.
Lawler and his fianceé were arrested because of it. Yeesh! First the Heart Attack, now this! Bad luck is following Lawler a bit too much!

I normally do not praise a certain WWE Wrestler who I loathe with a passion...

But, he is starting to win me over with some impressive Skills!
Seriously, the guy learned Mandarin to promote WWE in China! But not only that, he even does the Unthinkable... He fulfills Vincent Kennedy McMahon's wildest dream:

Seriously, Vince just got ALL OF THE ORGASMS when watching this!

In the meantime I'll wait for Darius and a Filmation Skeletor... Symmetry achieved!! Now I wait until Filmation Evil Lyn...

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