Jun 23, 2016

Let's talk Chu's silly She-Ra list, shall we?

This is SHE-RA
I had faith in Chu, many years ago... Then came Jem and he disappointed me so badly that made me glad he jumped ship from MOTU a long time ago. Supposedly, he gave an interview to deadline talking about She-Ra... I went to Deadline and saw nothing about it.

First on his list: Amber Heard... And this is the part where I mention that the only thing I've heard about her is that she's claiming that Johnny Depp physically abused her.
And... She's 30. Also, to be fair, she'll be playing AquaMomoa's wife in AquaMomoa

Second on his list:
Blake Lively... Wait wasn't she in that crappy movie with Ryan Reynolds? You know the Hot Wheels Commercial one!!
She's 29...

Third on his list:
Tabrett Bethell... Who? No idea who she is... She's Aussie and 34.

Fourth is Jessica Biel... Aw Hell Naw!! Did I mention that I don't like Jessica Biel? Just seeing her name gives me Blade Trinity Flashbacks... 34 years of Seventh Heaven Flashbacks...

Lizzy Caplan: OK she was on Mean Girls, True Blood, Cloverfield and her age is 34... she could pull off an Older Glimmer if Amanda Seyfried isn't available to do so.

Sixth: Really? Priyanka Chopra... Are we trying to appease SJWs with She-Ra? She'll be on Baywatch... So I've seen her in nothing. Also, She's 33... Soon turning 34. Not to mention that She doesn't look ANYTHING LIKE SHE-RA!!! She could pull off an Entrapta or maybe Catra, but not She-Ra.

Seventh: Paula Patton? Really? She was in Déjà vu... MI:GP... Also She's 40!? But she doesn't look anything like She-Ra.

This list is absolute Bull Crap! I know some Social Justice Whiners are going to call me Ageist for pointing out the Actresses ages... There is a reason for that. Adora is 19-20 when she becomes She-Ra. The Actresses being Looked at are mostly in their 30s. For Adora/She-Ra they should be looking at females in their mid 20s. Also, A He-Man movie hasn't been Greenlit; why are they starting on the Post Third Movie Spin-Off? So, let's assume they start filming in 2017... Some of these actresses will be 35 during filming, then the post-production time and the movie will hit by the time they're almost 36. Then by the time they finish the sequel they'll be almost 38... a 19-20 year old being played by a nearly 40 year old... it's 90210 creepy.

Now more importantly, WHY ARE WE EVEN PAYING ATTENTION TO SOMETHING THAT JON M. CHU "SAID"... I mean this is the same Chu that gave us JEM...

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