Jun 7, 2016

Another MOTU Manager bites the Dust...

According to this post on He-Man.org, Andrew Sparks is no longer with Mattel.
It doesn't surprise me... Of course this is somehow the Customers' fault, cause, Mattel.
This royally sucks, because it increases the "amateur night" effect they've been having. It also confirms what Neitlich has been saying about Mattel not caring about MOTU...

This pisses me off! The MOTU fandom sees the potential in the brand that Mattel doesn't see. We have supported the Classics line throughout the years DESPITE all the issues stemming from the Mattel side of things. The Neitlich fear tactics, digital river screw-ups, Mattel's lack of leadership after Neitlich's departure, the Quality Control nightmares. We may complain along the way, but we still do our best to support MOTU. Mattel, y'all need to get your heads in the game. This is why Hasbro is doing better than you. They AT LEAST TRY TO KEEP THEIR BRANDS RELEVANT.
Mattel, you, on the other hand, hope to ride Barbie and Hot Wheels and make half-hearted attempts with other stuff... He-Man, Max Steel? Remember Max Steel, Retail line: Sub-Par Toys, TV Series with a Missing Second Season (now available on Netflix) Live Action movie... Speaking of which WHEN IS IT COMING OUT?

With He-Man, it was the same thing: Remember 2002's revival?
Bad Case Ratios, Too many variants of He-Man and Skeletor, The Cartoon was tossed on a random spot nearly each week. It's almost as if you want YOUR BRANDS TO FAIL!

Please get your act together, so we CAN MAKE MOTU GREAT AGAIN!

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