Jun 8, 2016

Senpai Noticed Me, and Thunderkittens for SDCC!!

Let's get the good things out of the way. Thunderkittens: $60 for SDCC. They come with their Floating Surfboards... Can't call them Hoverboards for obvious reasons... It would make me complain about Matty Collector and right now I don't want to go into a Matty Tirade... So, the Kittens seem to have a weapon each... More pictures will Reach Matty Eventually.

I will say that I'm kinda jealous that Thundercats get Younger bodies, but MOTUC doesn't.

I'm not going to rant, rave or make a comedic overreaction to Thundercats getting more love than MOTUC.
I mean, I want the Thunderkittens and they are cool, but I'm not going to be traditional me now.
AGAIN, When I'm being super Snarky and "Negative towards Matty" on my rants; I'm exaggerating the rage for COMEDIC EFFECT. 
Well, to be fair Most Rants are done in over the top rage mocking NERD RAGE, while still being in NERD RAGE MODE. Except Digital River Issues... Those I tone down because they make me REALLY Angry... and I mean HULK SMASH kind of Angry!

Why am I overexplaining things? Apparently I've been Targeted By Mattel... or at least a former Mattel Employee... You know... The one, the only
This is the Part where I do an Overreaction:
I do get a shout out by the Guru with a Guru typo, cause it's not a Toyguru post without a Typo.
You left out a Y... Kinda like Lefty but with an N... In any case Shout out...

and called me the destroyer of MOTUC
Ouch! Being Called Out by the Guru and Partially to blame for the end of the line HURTS! and I mean it almost as bad as this:

But not as bad as this:

Apparently, I'm the only blogger who DARES (Pun totally intended) to point out the bad that Mattel does. Also, seems that I will have to post Trigger Warnings for Mattel... Really? We've gotten to the point that I can't give Mattel some blunt Opinions because it Kills teh Lien... dude, I'm (in)famous!! Also, I'm LOUD ENOUGH FOR MATTEL TO HEAR ME!? In any case the Disclaimer is at the top of the site... I feel dirty for having to put it, but Mattel.

Now I'm confused. Sometimes, they WANT US TO VOICE OUR CONCERNS. I do it in a erratic, over the top manner, because:

Full Definition of rant

  1. intransitive verb
  2. 1:  to talk in a noisy, excited, or declamatory manner
  3. 2:  to scold vehemently
  4. transitive verb
  5. :  to utter in a bombastic declamatory fashion

And we know how this site is called: Nefty's House of Rants... THE WORD RANTS IS IN THE FRIGGING TITLE!! Also, my off the cuff style includes random references. I tend to do a bit of bad impressions in real life and sometimes quick doodles when I do rants in person, not to mention gesticulate a lot. So I try to capture that in writing. I also have to play up the angry part, because, rant. Same thing as scolding Mattel's errors vehemently... again, because Rant.
I've complained a lot... Remember the Tiny Giants that I swore, I would never buy? Bought them!
Lemon-Lime Ape? Bought Him. Spector? Bought him TWICE and thinking of getting a third one.
Sir-Loser-Lot, Cy-Suck? Hell! I even bought a Filmation He-Man and will try to buy a Skeletor. Also, Anyone Remember how I became a fan of New Adventures? MOTU CLASSICS!!
A sensible person would have quit a while back... I quit other Toylines to support MOTUC. Hell! Hasbro has been making quite a few Marvel Legends that I would have wanted when I was a Marvel Legends collector. Again, I COULD BE BUYING HASBRO PRODUCT, BUT INSTEAD I'M ONLY BUYING MATTEL PRODUCTS!! (I'd totally would have bought the NECA TMNT Sets if they didn't had those restrictions)

So, yeah, despite all the hoops that Mattel makes me jump through, all the issues that they should be on top of, but aren't; I still Put up with all of this BECAUSE I LOVE THE BRAND. I am thankful, that I surpassed my Childhood collection, my cousin's PoP Collection, my 200X collection, but I am not going to pussyfoot around and soften up my criticisms on Mattel's Boners. When Mattel screws up, I HAVE TO POINT IT OUT!! Because Mattel has stated that they want us to voice our concerns.
Now we cannot voice them?

You're trying to sell, the brand, Mattel... I get that. Doing less than a half-assed job with your products is what makes your loyal customers angry. The lack of initiative by not having a MOTUC item, or even a Filmation Sub-Line item, shows how little you care about the brand. (Which goes against the whole selling the brand thing. Seriously, whipping up a Faker for the Filmation Sub-Line was too hard? That's just He-Man with Glow in the Dark eyes. Maybe a second robot head. For Classics an Alcala He-Man vs Skeletor: No newly tooled pieces needed. I could come up with more ideas for exclusives.) You don't want the "negative publicity?" Make sure you deliver the quality products that you promised. You want unending praise? There is no unending praise, there will always be complaints and picking of nits... (which I also do, because RANTS) The amount of "Negative posts" WILL DECREASE IF Mattel does its job of delivering Quality Items consistently. Roton, snake Mountain, those are things that can stifle complaints... unless y'all mess it up, which in all fairness, with the 10 months of Amateur Night we've been through is kind of expected. (Calling them as I see them.)

So, stop being such a Cartman, and strive to be the very best! Like No one ever was! I will Praise you if you do right, but I will call you out on it if you do wrong. Don't want me to complain? Well, let's use the good ol' fashioned Bribery. Sample Products can stifle my opinions and make me kiss so much butt that I'll look and smell like I was a Victim of a Rikishi attack! Or, y'all can step up your game.


  1. How dare you, sir!!! ;)

    Seriously, that's pretty funny that you got a mention. Remember that episode of Family Guy where Luke Perry reads every high school paper in America and finds Meg's gossip article about him? That's kind of what this reminds me of.

  2. I know. I'm just going with cartoonishly over the top (mock) outrage about it. I mean this blog reaches about 20 people and that killed MOTUC. I knew it was a TINY, TINY, line, but DAMN! I didn't expect it to be THAT TINY.