Jun 18, 2016

Caz from New Adventures of He-Man is Theoretically possible now...

It was brought to my attention recently that A Certain Mattycollector SDCC Item has Most of the parts to make a MOTU Classics version of Caz... No, not the She-Ra Doll...
It pisses me off that I didn't notice this earlier... To be fair, the whole Mattycollector is running around like a headless chicken has kept me a bit worried to be looking for Potential Parts reuse in toylines.

But once I noticed the similarities I was like DAMN!! It's too good to NOT DO HIM!
And I'm not exactly Caz's biggest fan... Whenever I mention him is usually because of His sister Drissi... Outside of the House of Rants, whenever I mention him it often involves his VA, Mark Hildreth... You probably know him as Lotor in Voltron Force, or Heero Yuy... Me? Caz, obviously, The Replacement Original Max Steel, Action Man and Most Importantly: Mr. Fatal Fury himself: Terry Bogard!! In the English Fatal Fury OVAs... The ones where 200X Teela is Mai Shiranui! (Who also voiced Cammy in Street Fighter the OVA...)  But back to Caz... Otherwise I'll find myself connecting every Voice Actor EVER and praise Cam Clarke talking Arm of Grayskull, because Cowabunga!

So, Caz:
don't ask about Grott... or Grot... I don't know or care
about the Dinosaur dude here!! 
Look at him... All we really need to turn Wilykat into Caz is:
New head (Is that a fez?)
New Glued On Neck Piece (If I get Wilykat, must check if Nepthu's neck thingie fits.)
New hands without claws.
New Lower Tunic. Worst case scenario reuse the belt. Seems the T-Cat insignia is a tampograph.

That's IT! there's not much new stuff needed to make him.
Drissi is virtually a new Top and head... and a new removable belt (Reusing Club Grayskull Evil Lyn shoulders and Biceps, Nettossa's skirt, Adora's boots and bracers.) The reason I toss in Drissi as well is for the same reason Wilykit is often mentioned with Wilykat.

While these two (and Sebrian) are super easy to make, the lack of leadership at Mattycollector and the fact that they are New Adventures characters kinda puts them at a disadvantage.

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