Jun 4, 2016

Odds and ends June 4th 2016

I normally try to not do these in a row, but so many things have happened between Yesterday and today that have captured my attention but cannot support a full long rant on their own.

I guess I can't be more obvious in what I'm trying to say: Yuna is dancing thanks to Muhammad Ali.
So, the greatest Boxer of All time is dead. This is a warning because your facebook newsfeed will be full of people who didn't even enjoy boxing crying about Muhammad Ali.

Did you know that Universal had the Rights to Namor: The Submariner and that now Marvel may have them back? This kinda explains why Fox had an obsession with Doom... The Doctor, not the PC Game. So, Namor... Yeah, He's usually a supporting character for the Avengers and a Frienemy to the Fantastic 4... If he were to enter the Cinematic Univers, chances are he'll be wearing the black pants and vest... weren't those made by Reed Richards?

Sony's Desperation is WAY OVER 9000!!

Now they are hiding the cast behind NBA Players? Because they still think Women is the reason behind the hatred for this movie?
No Agenda behind this at all... Right!
It's not the women per se. It has part of the blame, but not the real reason. The main reason is It's A Reboot. The women come into play because they are NOTHING BUT A GIMMICK. Just as Setting a Movie IN SPACE... Remember Friday the 13th In space? That was a Gimmick...
I mean look at this: Feminists have AN OBLIGATION TO SEE GHOSTBUSTERS. This is Stupidity at its best. WATCH GHOSTBUSTERS OR ELSE YOU'RE A MISOGYNISTIC PRICK AND PROBABLY A TRUMP SUPPORTER... The third reason is Agenda. When you post a pic showcasing all the women who worked on it while holding a Girl Power Sign, you CANNOT say that there was no Agenda behind this reboot. Seriously, Third Wave Feminism isn't a cult, yet they are OBLIGATED to see a movie... Sounds kinda cultish to me...

I went from One to Three, Where Is TWO?
It looks bad, lacks the wit and soul of the original, and it looks like one of those Bad Parodies like Meet the Spartans or The Starving Games compared to the Original.

So, it's a Reboot that no one wanted AND It looks like a bad parody of the Original. These two things make people hate it. The added Agenda is the cherry on the top of this Turd Sundae. Now the FOURTH Reason is basically getting people to SHAME YOU INTO WATCHING IT!! Really? Instead of making people more interested, you're making them become more likely to not watch it...

Speaking of more Outrage induced Stupidity: Remember Rose McGowan? Shannen Doherty's replacement on Charmed, who became more offended by everything than good ol' Nita? Well she's offended by an X-Men billboard ad.

She claims it shows a Man strangling a Woman with no Context. Actually there is some context. Allow me to mansplain it!
As the picture says: The Billboard has X-Men: Apocalypse and the phrase: Only the Strong will survive.

What Does Apocalypse mean?
Full Definition of apocalypse
a :  one of the Jewish and Christian writings of 200 b.c. to a.d. 150 marked by pseudonymity, symbolic imagery, and the expectation of an imminent cosmic cataclysm in which God destroys the ruling powers of evil and raises the righteous to life in a messianic kingdom
b capitalized :  revelation 3
a :  something viewed as a prophetic revelation
b :  armageddon
:  a great disaster (an environmental apocalypse)

Definition 2b mentions Armageddon, which is:
Full Definition of Armageddon
a :  the site or time of a final and conclusive battle between the forces of good and evil
b :  the battle taking place at Armageddon
:  a usually vast decisive conflict or confrontation

We can assume the title is saying:
X-Men: Great Disaster
X-Men: Final Conclusive battle between good and Evil
X-Men: Wrath of God to cleanse the Earth from Evil and only the Righteous shall rise.

We then have Only the Strong will Survive. A quote often attributed to Charles Darwin, but it fits with En Sabah Nur's mentality based on the Comic Book Character that this movie is adapting.
Now Apocalypse, the character, deems himself as a God-like being. I mean in the Trailer En Sabah Nur says:
 I've been called many things over many lifetimes: Ra, Krishna, Yahweh. 
Sealing the God-like part. Now, X-Men: Wrath of God to cleanse the Earth from Evil and only the Righteous shall rise. begins to make sense. Who are the Righteous? The Mutants deemed Strong by En Sabah Nur. Those who Oppose him shall be eliminated because they are the wicked.

All that context from the WORDS ON THE BILLBOARD. I got all that from the words. Wait until I get to the image of Apocalypse Strangling Blue Katniss.
Now the significance of that image. After DoFP, Mystique became this sort of heroic figure. This is mostly in part due to Jennifer Lawrence and her Katniss Everdeen fame. On past movies, we've seen that Mystique is not only crafty, but a bona fide ass kicker.

So, Mystique, who can go toe to toe against Wolverine, is being choked by a god-like being. IT JUST GOT REAL... This is backed up by the phrase Only the Strong will survive. He deemed Mystique weak and he's trying to kill her. The villain is doing BAD THINGS TO THE HEROES TO SHOW THAT HE'S THE VILLAIN!! Now had it been Magneto, or Quicksilver who was being strangled, Rose McGowan wouldn't have complained about it. She tries to use a "text from a friend" whose daughter said:
Dad, why is that monster man committing violence against a woman?
The answer is: Because he's an Evil Man, a Monster, as you said. Sadly, there are people who do bad things, but unlike movies and storybooks, which are make-believe, they will not look like monsters. Then use the poster to teach another lesson about right and wrong. Not to mention another lesson of Reality vs Fantasy. You know PARENTING...
It's sad that Fox Apologized for it...

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