Jun 13, 2016

Voltron and Chill? First impressions:

I've not finished watching Voltron: Legendary Defender yet... I'm about 7 episodes or so, but I'm of mixed emotions with this re-imagining.

It's much better than Voltron Force, eh? and no, the eh, is not a jab against Canada. I'm using speak to text and it came out like that. I have deleted a few umms and uhhs but I found the eh kinda cute. So totally nothing to do with Voltron Force using Canadian VAs.

Let's start with the bad:
The Voltron Theme makes no reference to the Original Theme, but it's way better than Voltron Force's. One good thing I can say about Voltron: The Third Dimension is that they kept the Real Voltron Theme...

Allura no longer pilots a lion. She stays behind most of the time and away from the action. Seriously? All the brouhaha about Empowering Women in the 21st Century and this new Allura is chilling on the Castle, while the Male Pilots are on the trenches? That's Sexist!! At least 80s Allura went out there and fought!

The episodes are not meant for stand-alone watching. The show is meant to be binge watched and that makes you burn through them too fast!

The Good:
The Voice Cast, but to be fair, ALL Voltron toons have had GREAT VAs. (Nothing tops the Original with Narration by Optimus Prime Himself!)  but to be fair, Voltron Force Had an Optimus Prime (energon) AND He-Man (new Adventures) in their VA group... (and a bunch of VAs from 200X MOTU and MLP:FIM)

For Legendary Defender We get a Spectacular Sven, I mean Shiro... with a Robotic Right Arm (and for a few times he suffers some mild lapses involving the arm... Coincidences with Shalashaska are purely coincidental) Allura is a Batgirl with a British Accent. Haggar is voiced by Cree Summer. I was going to add a Penny Clip, but most of the clips I found are from the Netflix Gadget voiced by Princess Bookhorse. So, yeah! Legendary Defender has some great VAs

The series itself is pretty good! I did not like how they managed the Transformation without the Traditional lines... They did throw nods to it though. The "Form Feet and Legs..." was made in a joking manner, which pissed me off. No exaggeration here. It pissed me off for reals. The "Activate Interlocks..." was used for the Castle, that's a Spaceship now!

 The episodes are not meant for stand-alone watching. The show is meant to be binge watched and that makes you lose notion of the time!
Then we have the...

Spoilers redacted.

You got Netflix? You should be watching Voltron... IT's pretty good... Unlike...

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