Jun 27, 2016

Odds and ends Jun 27, 2016

Fox, what the Hell is this?

That's actually pretty cool! In fact, I'd be up to rebuy ALL the X-Men movies if they came with a  Deadpool commentary track. Can you picture Ryan Reynolds doing a Deadpool Commentary track ESPECIALLY on X-Men Origins: Wolverine...

Freaking DO IT, NETFLIX!!! Get a team assembled to do a Young Justice Season 3 (and hopefully more) Cause I've been rewatching Young Justice for these past few days and I gotta say, it Freaking Rocks and I'm once again pissed off at the Morons at Cartoon Network for axing it! there have been rumors of it happening... Well, as Captain Picard would say...

So now there's a rumor of a Fox/Marvel crossover... Yeah... Highly unlikely. I mean, it COULD HAPPEN, seeing that we've seen Spidey on the MCU. Thing is: What does Fox have that Marvel could use properly?

That's about it...

Yeah... no.
Blame this dickweed for the disaster
that was Trankt4stic 
Right now Fantastic Four is Film Poison... Mostly Fox's fault, but a lot of the blame falls in Josh Trank's lap as well.

So, X-Men... We have this messy timeline that has the Older cast pretty much eliminated (Hugh Jackman, Famke Jansen, James Mardsen, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen) while we have the younger cast from the "1980s" (Sansa Stark, Mr. Tumnus, Hugh Jackman, Nu McGyver, The Robot from Prometheus) While the MCU is in 2015-ish... How do we Crossover? We can't even use the Pre-Trank Fantastic Four seeing what happened to the Pre-Trank Human Torch...

Whoops! Wrong clip!

This would have to be a super ultra mega reboot... kinda makes me feel bad for the new X-Men cast... Also where would this leave Deadpool?

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