May 18, 2016

DC are feeling the burn... Now they are scrambling...

To fix the Pickle that Suck Snyder and WB put them in. Now Jon Berg and Geoff Johns will run DC Films. Berg being the WB man and Johns being the DC man. This seems like a way for DC to have a bit more control on their films... Not going to say that they're fumbling to copy Marvel, but it kinda looks like they're fumbling to copy Marvel.

the main problems with MARTHA!! the Movie... aside MARTHA!! have been Snyder's lack of Understanding of the Characters, ESPECIALLY Superman. Dark and Superman DO NOT MIX. The Darkness is for Batman, the Light is for Superman.
Then we have the whole let's cram 5 films into one (The Dark Knight Returns, Wonder Woman, MoS2: Luthor's Revenge, Justice League Origins, and Death of Superman) in order to get some of that Avengers money.
Last but not least, we have Snyder's horrible storytelling abilities.

Two out of the three problems were in Man of Steel and were NOT corrected in BvS. The foundation to the Cinematic Universe is already troubled. Berg and Johns have a LOT of Work to do... So does Batffleck since he's also an Executive Producer. While he claims he's doing it in support of Snyder, I hope that BEN will have the cojones to tell Snyder no, you're wrong. when he is wrong.

I wish this new DC Films team the best of luck, because they'll need it!

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