May 30, 2016

It came from the Toy Chest:Referee Set for your CAWs!

You are aware of the Knight Expansion Set for the WWE toys. The one I bought Multiples of for the Torches. The other 2 Available mini sets are Referee and Riot gear ones... Well, I bought the Referee One, because I wasn't going to buy YET Another Knight Pack for the torch...

Pizza Delivery Porn is the best kind of Porn!
-A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.
And I kinda need the Camera for the whole Pornographer Photog thing I had going on a few years back...
So let's see how it fares out:

I'll list the components, even though you can see them in the pics for the sake of writing something and that this rant/review doesn't seem to be too bare bones... Yeah I'm padding the review!

The Aforementioned TV Camera.
A Referee Shirt
A Microphone
A Briefcase for Money in the Bank or a Contract or any other use for a Briefcase
A Ring Bell... Would have made a Pic with Clamp Champ but he's still in storage at the moment.

I must warn you that the Microphone is thicker than a male weapon... Not Whiplash 200X Spork of Doom thick, but thicker than the handle on a normal male weapon.
This also applies to the Camera.

Incredibly enough, the Shirt almost fits a MOTUC Figure. You'd need to sand the lats a bit and maybe trim off some of the excess length and it could be a decent base for a Melaktha Custom.

this one wouldn't work too well for MOTUC, but it has customization potential... (Shave off part of the square part of the microphone and you could make a sort of MOTUC Lightsaber.)
The Briefcase opens and closes, but it's very un-MOTU-Like.

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