Apr 2, 2016

It Came from the Toy Chest: Caw Parts are not meant for MOTUC... or are they?

Remember the WWE Create a Superstar? This... made me... RANT... about... Mattel... Making... Create a... MOTU... Figure! (Yes, I went with a Just Bring it! Reference or 2) Well, Mattel has made "weapon paks" for the CaW sub-line... (I know it's CaS, but the common nickname for Create a Superstar is Create a Wrestler. Tony Hawk had Create a Skater, so you can see why CAW stuck to the WWE game Create a Superstar better. google WWE CaW in images and you'll see what I mean.)
OK, so you're back! The Knight Set... Why is it called a Knight Set? I mean, That's a Centurion Helmet, Roman Armor, the mask that in no way was inspired by a movie starring Russell Crowe... 

Well, I got a pair of these. I have to be honest, the main reason was the Torch.
 I mean TWO TORCHES!!! Mattel would be stupid if they don't find a way to release a bunch of these for MOTUC... or Brand new Torches. Seriously, torches can help create an ambiance. Picture The interior of Snake Mountain, the lower level and having a Masters character, say Beastman escorting Trap Jaw and a Captive Man-at-Arms to the dungeon in the lower level. Having Beastman carrying the torch would help sell the idea that Snake Mountain is a dark and creepy place... Even if in Real life it's a hunk of purple plastic.

The Torch alone makes this $5.99 set worth getting. The other items are an added bonus.

As you can see The Armor looks nice on a Masters of the Universe Classics Body...

That is as long as you're looking at it from the Front.
If you look at it from the side, you can see it's not a great fit. Luckily the straps allow it to be in place and look rather nice. The Armor is better suited for smaller 6" bodies like some DCUC figures without capes, or clip-on pieces on the back. Then again, you could repaint a torso to the same color of the Armor and hide the gaps a bit.

Next item to discuss is the Shield.
The hand grip is a bit wide... NA Sword Wide, so it's not suited for EVERY FIGURE... I may sand the handle a little bit so more figures can use it.

Size is perfect for a MOTUC figure

The final two Items are the headpiece items. They will NOT fit most MOTUC Figures. (Once I locate my Spector, I'll test them on his head and update this if necessary.)

I tried them on John Matrix and the Gladiator mask fits perfectly. The Helmet is a bit small.
The Helmet fits Hal Jordan Perfectly. The Mask... Well, you can see the pic.

The more I look at the Gladiator mask, the more tempted I am to cut off the Upper strap and use it as a shoulderpad like on the Sideshow Statue.

I said, like the Sideshow Statue...


Where's the freaking Sideshow Statue pic!?


So, how can I rate this set? It's 5 Items for $6.
They are NOT MEANT FOR MOTUC and they DON'T MAKE SENSE FOR WWE either... Gladiator Triple H, Cyborg John Cena, Weird Snake Themed Super villain Randy Orton? Mr. America for a non-existing wrestler who laid the Smackdown! on Gawker is the only one that makes sense.
I know that $6 may be overpriced for a Torch, but the rest of the items could work as props for Castle Grayskull's weapon Rack. Of course some would need some paint touch ups, but it's not that difficult! Get it, you'll enjoy it!

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