Apr 16, 2016

God of War Collection: Part II: God of War II

Part II of the God of War Collection review series will be tackling, uh God of War II. My opinion on GoW changed from actual Hatred to I find the game enjoyable. Now I shall tackle the Sequel.

Kratos is pissed off again! Man he gets his panties in a bunch more than a third waver! Zing!

Kratos lost his Godly Powers by a ruse by Zeus who no longer needs scissors, 61! He's Captain Hook in Kingdom Hearts now. (or 2011 Jaga) and Kratos is pissed off at Zeus. Now he will try to pull off a Cher.  Along the way you meet various popular characters from Greek Mythology and kill them, cause: Rawr! Grr! I AM CRATE ASS!! I WANT REVENGE!!! RAWR!!

Music and sounds:

The Music follows the same feel as the first game. Voice Acting is great, some voice actors were replaced, and some new ones show up... Prometheus VA shocked me... Theseus is now Uncle Ben's Grandpa... REALLY? They have Paul Eiding in the game and they didn't ask him to reprise his role as Zeus? WTF!? But what REALLY ENRAGED ME is that I had to Kill the Perseus that led to my conception. That enraged me more than the offensive remake of Clash of the Titans. and I mean I was feeling the male equivalent to Third Waver Rage.

Like its predecessor, this is a PS2 Game ported to PS3, so what I stated on GoW I, still stands here. 7.0 for a PS2 Game.

Things changed slightly this time, but in some cases (opening gates) it's better to smash the circle than smashing a trigger button. 9.0

Did you play the Original God of War? If the answer is yes, then you know what to expect of this game. same platforming hack&slash action, but you get to kill different characters than the first game. I know I sound a bit dismissive here, but if you enjoyed the first GoW, then you will enjoy GoWII. 8.5

GoW II gets an 8.0, which is a reasonable score. I must say, although I despise having to kill My Perseus, a lot more than the awful remake (TBH, they should have fires Sam Worthless' ass after he refused to work with Bubo. also, what's with Perseus being the only one with a fade?) the idea of getting Harry Hamlin as Perseus was awesome.

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