Apr 15, 2016

Anti-Eternia-He-Man Chaos!

Anti-Eternia He-Man was made available via Early Access yesterday. Apparently I may have bought the last one or one of the last ones available. It went out in 3 minutes... Holy dated references, Batman!! I had to endure 75 seconds of Coming Soon after sale date started. It wouldn't let me add 2, so I bought one. Tried to go for the second one, because I wanted to keep one MOC. (I don't keep stuff MOC, but the red card is too cool to pass up)

3 figure limit per order and they managed to sell them all in 3 minutes!?
This would be the part where I'd add a Ricky Ricardo Clip, but Youtube ran out of those.

What the HELL!? Matty! I thought that this Bull Crap was done for when Neitlich left! You guys have been WORSE Than Neitlich! Masque was Delayed, Turpentine King Hiss was delayed twice! Vultak? Where the Hell is MY VULTAK, MATTY!? Now this? So far every MOTUC Offering in 2016 has had some sort of issue... We're on Mid-April now. In 3 Months, the Sub-a-thon will start anew. This kind of Horse pucky will make it even harder to sell subs... DO you want to fail? Because all you're doing right now is making Neitlich look good. After all the throwing him under the bus that you did, is obvious that y'all disliked him, but your bumbling incompetence is making people reconsider the notion that Neitlich was all that was wrong with Matty.

Despite YOUR INCOMPETENCE, I want MOTUC to succeed. Stop making it so hard, Matty! I want to give you my money for your products... Why do you make it so difficult?

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