Apr 25, 2016

god of war collection Part III: God of War III I really need to take a God of Breaks...

Crate Ass is still looking for the revenge he was denied of.
Right out of the end of GoW II, III starts and it looks like a True PS3 game right out of the bat... The Final GoW game delivers Crate Ass' vengeance... or does it fall flat on his ass? Let's find out.

I am Kratos, hear me RAWR!! Revenge story continues. His objective is still the same as GoW II.

Music and Sounds:
I could say the same thing I've said before: The music is pretty good, some themes have been in all 3 games, the VA deliver great Voicework... This time we get the Hercules we deserve...
and we pretty much smash his face in.

Small changes were made once again... What's the deal with changing configuration in each game on most game series?

Same thing as the past two. This time there are more enemies about and doing combos can be more deliciously evil!
QTEs seem a bit less difficult here.

Since this WAS A PS3 Game, the difference between GoW II to III is enormous! The backgrounds are more gorgeous, the monsters have lots of detail and the gore is much more disgusting in this more realistic looking entry,


God of War III gets an 8.6 as the final score. It's a great conclusion to Kratos' saga, but that still doesn't change my dislike towards Kratos. The games are pretty good, but I'm not fond of the way they kinda rape Greek Mythology... I'll be taking a break from GoW before I get into the Digital Download ports of the 2 PSP games. I won't buy Ascension, so I'll only review the 5 games from GoW Collection... Also, we finally got to fight

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