Apr 20, 2016

DBZXV is the Closest thing to Mighty Spector: The game.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse for PS4 was a belated B-Day Present. Last game I played was Budokai 3...
Let's get to the rating so I can more or less explain the game.

Y'all know how Trunks went back in time and messed up the timeline with the androids and stuff, right. Well, his actions apparently pissed off the Supreme Kai of Time and she made him a Time Patroller. So, Trunks now corrects mistakes in the timeline... Except during the Z Period (and GT if you get the DLC) That is left to your Created Character FROM THE FUTURE!! You can make an Earthling, a Sayiajin, a Namekuseijin, a being From Furiza's species, or a Majin.
(Voice Male 8 is similar to DBZAbridged Nappa. But that's because they used the DBZA VA for Nappa... Kyle Hebert and Chris Sabat must have pulled some strings.)

So, basically you're the DBZ Spector and you're correcting the Timeline for the Supreme Kai of Time and Trunks (which would be the Equivalents of He-Man and Teela). There's this chick, Dabura's Sister and some other dude who are messing with the timeline to bring back the demon god, Demigra.
Trunks basically wishes for you and now you get to mess with the timeline to somewhat fix it...

We've seen the last few DBZ games do the same thing Cell shading to make them look as close to the cartoon as possible, while using polygonal figures instead of 2D art.

Frustrating as Hell. There's 2 Attack buttons, 1 Ki Button, 1 Block Button, 1 Dodge/fly high button, lock on button, dash triggerand special move menu trigger. In addition click the L3 Button to descend.

The 3 Attack buttons work fine. Dashing works fine too... Dodge relies on your stamina, but it works... Blocking on the other hand... you need to know when an attack is coming 3 moves before it comes so you can block effectively. When you DO block an attack, the AI does an unblockable throw. That is nothing compared to the iffy targeting system. You lock on to an opponent to attack, but if they dodge an attack by the teleporting behind you, the lock-on acts a bit off. It still thinks the enemy is in front of you until YOU turn around manually to the opponent. you need to stand still then move the movement stick towards the enemy in order to attack him. otherwise you'll keep attacking the previous direction, even after standing still. Then we have Vertical issues. Most of the fights happen in mid-air. An attack sends the opponent down, you must slowly descend to reach him by pressing the L3 Down. You could dash but it's not always reliable.


Half the time is spent on the Tokitoki hub "world" here you can chat with other online players if you're into the online thing. you can be "trained" by other characters like Krillin, or Ginyu. You can get missions, from the Parallel quest desk, or other characters. You can buy items at the shops and enter the Local or Online VS mode... Seriously, who hides the Offline VS. Mode on a single player Hub World and not put it in the start menu!?

The meat of the game is either on the parallel quest desk or the Time Vault. There is where most of the story missions start.

From there we get to the fighting... It's trying to be a DBZ game and God of War minus QTEs at the same time and it kinda fails, due to the issues with the controls and the AI often getting infinite Ki and Stamina boosts due to interference from Towa and Mira. In some cases, you'll find yourself overpowered... So, Grinding it is... Until you reach the point that you need to WIN 4-5 extra hard parallel quests just to raise one level... only to find out that you need 5 more levels to barely scrape by...

Sounds and Music:

We get an OK rendition of Cha La Head Chala in the intro. We have the DBZ cast reprising their roles and we have DBZ music in the game... This might be the best part of the game. In addition to having an Abridged VA in the game.

Xenoverse gets a 7.6 as its final score. Unless you're SUPER SAIYAJIN 3 Hardcore DBZ fan, you should avoid this game.

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