Apr 16, 2016

Ooh Matty!! You're in deep Nepthu right now...

Yesterday, Filmation Trap Jaw went on sale and he sold out in 3-5 minutes... Well, people are Pissed off. first Anti-Eternia He-Man sold out in a Barry Allen, now Trap Jaw sells out in a Wally West.
Also, people are pissed off that turpentine King Hssss is now $25.

I'll tackle the Hsss thing first. His $20 price tag was not stated to be something permanent and it was only through the special page made for 2015 subscribers last month... Now this doesn't stop it from being shady and a dick move. If they had been TRANSPARENT about it, they would have stated this in a way that we were made aware of the issue something like: The $20 price tag is exclusive to 2015 subscribers. Once we make him available to everyone else he'll have the $25 price tag.

Now the whole Items being Sold out in a Jay Garrick...

This is your defense, Matteh? Scalpers use scripted bots to bypass your system and screw us over?

Yeah... I can understand using the bot to autofill everything... but how can it bypass a captcha?

Apparently, they can. So, Matteh is covering their tracks there... passing the blame unto the scalpers.

If you see an Anti-Eternia He-Man or Filmation Trap Jaw going for over $100 in these days, DO NOT BUY IT!!
Let's face it... This will be used by Matteh... This July. Wanna beat the Scalpers? Buy the sub!

This whole Artificial Rarity thing that Mattel is trying to promote is what led us to the 2013 drop-off. These figures SHOULD BE AVAILABLE FOR EVERYONE TO BUY. The sub is not the solution. that only feeds the Scalpers. Seriously, 8 years into this line and Mattel knows LESS than Jon Snow...(At least he knows how to please a wildling)

Collectors are King, my ass! What measures are they taking to prevent the scalpers? They must have known for a while that this was happening. Their silence Explains it all... No reference to Clarissa. Now I have to play the clip, dammit!

Also, in the words of Scott D. Neitlich: Buy the Sub!

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