Apr 27, 2016

It came From the Toy Chest: Blackface He-Man is racist...

Vultak is late... Luckily, my Anti-Eternia He-Man isn't. No, I'm not trying to rub it on your face that *I* was able to get one during the 3 minutes of Hell that was his sales period.
Who is he?
Basically Bizarro World He-Man... He's the He-Man of a world where Evil is good and Good is evil... NO Vampire in Brooklyn clips today, Spike!! Also, he comes from a German audiobook or radio play... can't remember exactly.

I originally was planning to copy and paste the Original He-Man Review and add some random "But EVIL!!" in it, but that would be way too lazy... Even for me.
everything He-Man can do, so can Anti Eternia He-Man
I must point out the red card was a nice touch... what wasn't so nice was the excessive amount of restraints that this figure had: clear Rubber bands, White straps and a black tissue paper ropes holding him in place.

cool effect in the eyes
Nothing New Here he's Traditional MOTUC Articulation all the way. He sports the 2.0 boots without visible pegs, so his ankles are tighter than normal He-Man.

Paint and Sculpt:
A Little Red and white Paint in some areas and some metallic paint in others on a Black Plastic Body is not that much to screw up. The sculpt we've seen a million times... It's Vanilla He-Man in Blastic.
4.5 Seriously, with this being a no new tooling figure that we pay MORE for, you could have totally used some Red GITD paint for the eyes.

Break the walls down!!
Sword, Shield, Ax, Alcala Sword, Grayskullman Shield and my harness is glued to his back... WHY!? Also, couldn't we have gotten a Vikor ax in black as well? I mean y'all sprung up 2 Power Swords, 2 Shields, since y'all didn't tool new items, the extra Ax would have gotten the extra oomph! this figure needed.

Anti Eternia He-Man gets a 4.5 as his final score. He's pretty cool, but a few Blunders/wasted opportunities kept him from being better. Now if you're a German fan, he's a must have for you... Mostly due to nostalgic attachments. Me? All I keep seeing is "get 2 more of these and swap Ninjor's armor with them"... (even if it means cutting the Harnesses.)
Teela's going to need a Wheelchair soon... Times like this is when
I regret painting her hair red. It would have worked better with a
Blonde Teela... I just noticed Teela's hand right now...
That was unintentional but it works in the context of the pic.

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