Apr 6, 2016

It Came From the Toy chest: Deathstroke gets practice on the Deadpool

Slade Wilson, enemy of Bruce, Dick and Ollie... depending on what show/game you are watching... Deathstroke the Terminator... DC's proto-Deadpool minus 4th wall breaking insanity. This one is the Ollie Hating variety. This is the Villain I chose to get for my Oliver Queen. They had Merlyn, but I chose Deathstroke... They also had a buttload of Felicity Smoaks, but since I've slowly become an Olicity hater (and the fact that Felicity could lend herself to make a 'Nita custom) have made me avoid Ms. Smoak like the Bubonic plague.

So, let's take a look at Mr. Wilson!

He can pull off a seiza!
He Has a lot! Ball joint head, shoulders, elbows, hinged wrists hips ankles, double jointed knees and a swiveling torso. It all sounds great on paper, but his articulation is stiff as heck! Shoulders, hips and head to an extent are incredibly limited, which make a lot of his articulation useless...

Paint and Sculpt:
Delicious details!!
Here is where Slade shines! The Scupt is amazing with plenty of details, bandolier, pouches, buckles webgear, protective padding there's always something new to notice on Slade... The problem is that all these things have the issue of paint errors, especially on the belt buckles, rivets, etc.
I kinda fixed the knife
but it's fragile as heck!
Low shelf for this guy.
maybe blutac his feet.

He has plenty, but can he use them? Not so much. His left hand can theoretically hold his Katana. After accidentally bending to the point of nearly breaking the small knife on his back when trying to put it in his left hand, I've not tried putting anything else there. Warning, his blades are made of thin kinda brittle plastic, so they are prone to breaking.

Slade gets a 3.17 as his Final Score. He could have gotten a better score had his articulation worked properly and his accessories weren't so brittle.

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