Apr 6, 2016

Fuller House a Review not involving Jodie Sweetin's twins!

Yes, let's get Stephanie Tanner's Mega Mammaries out of the way... Dayum! Stephanie Grew up!

Come on! Like you didn't expect a set up to use a "How Rude!" Compilation...

I know I should, but I just can't... Hey! At least I didn't pull out Mr. Woodchuck! NO CLIPS!!

So, Fuller Blouse House! It's basically a genderbent sequel/reboot of Full House. DJ Tanner is playing the role of Danny by being a Widow with 3 kids. Stephanie is playing Jessie (her boobs are the Rippers! Last one, I swear!) But Stephanie is a DJand goes by the name DJ Tanner... Kimmy is Joey... I guess this makes her daughter Ramona Mr. Woodchuck! They all end up living in an incredibly accurate reproduction of Danny Tanner's house. Seriously, the Set designers did a marvelous job of recreating the familiar space. Hell, even Comet's great grandpup is the new Fuller dog.

Now what you're going to be asking me is: IS IT ANY GOOD!? The critics have Blasted it and said that it was crap! My answer is: Do you like Full House? Do you mind a few references to Stephanie's Massive Melons? (and one or two jokes not intended for kids?) If you answered: Yes, God, No! (and definitely no!) then you will enjoy Fuller House.

The show has a few issues: Mostly stem from it being "edgy" Full House. The rest are due to the child actors being, well, children.

Some of the situations seem a bit Ridiculous, EVEN FOR FULL HOUSE, but they happened... Certain Cast Member being a Mexican Wrestler... No, it's not Kimmy. My brain exploded twice. Or when Stephanie, basically humiliated her nephew at Coachella... well, would've humiliated him if this was real life.

The child actors are the weaker area here. Now to be fair, acting is not easy, especially at that young age. Max Fuller, the new Stephanie is a bit hammy in his performance. Hopefully he'll get better as he grows.

Should you watch Fuller House? Hell yeah! Then form your own opinions about it... Unless you're diabetic. It's as saccharine as the original show. But it can get pretty dark... yes I'm talking about THAT Scene... My eyes got watery, to be honest. If it wasn't for the chocolate sundae I was eating, I would've bawled my eyes out.

Sorry, don't call me... maybe? this version is inferior to the original. Had to get that out of my system.

Also, the Olsen twins are bitches! I'm sorry, their "Excuse" for not doing a cameo for the show is pure BS. The Tuomy-Wilholt twins came back for a cameo. Few lines... "I'm off to New York to be an intern for Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen!" and disappear like Judy Winslow. But noooo! Their Oversized egos MUCH BIGGER than Stephanie's boobs! (Sorry! This one is the last reference) But at least the jabs at the Olsens have been pretty funny! At least THIS SHOW treats the Olsens with much more respect than Suck Snyder treated Jimmy in BvS:We need to get some of that Avengers money!

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