Apr 10, 2016

Odds and ends April 10, 2016

Jake Lloyd, the only person who can actually say: George Lucas ruined my childhood, literally; was arrested after a Police Chase. Well, apparently, he was moved to a hospital, due to schizophrenia. This is the part where I'm torn right now, because this whole situation leads itself to a Death Star sized bunch of Star Wars jokes that could be made. The other part is like: damn, we should cut him some slack, seeing that mental issues are a serious thing.

I hope he can recover and live a normal life, well as normal as life can be knowing that "you ruined Darth Vader long before Hayden Christensen did."
Like you didn't think that... Search your feelings, you know it to be true!
Let me get one last Annie Skywalker reference out of my system... I don;t want to use Jingle all the way.

OK, as I was saying, my wishing for a recovery on Mr. Lloyd's part is not a joke. He has a long road ahead of him and now a bigger struggle, that I wish he can overcome.

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, bringing MCU Characters, Spider-Man! So, we'll see some Avengers on the Spidey-Reboot by SONY... as part of the deal of having Spidey in the MCU. This is not really news, except that we have a bit of Related news on the Article Linked. Cloak and Dagger are getting their own TV series... So, how can I make this relevant...
Let's see: Agents of SHIELD has Deathlok, Disney has Captain America as well as now Cloak and Dagger. They have access to Spidey and his characters (Venom, Black Cat, wonder if they can do Morbius, or Firestar...)

Maximum Carnage can become a Reality now!!

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