Apr 7, 2016

I have lost faith in Humanity...

Why did people fund 'Nita's latest scam? Seriously? $200,000 for her to play dress up (and appropriate other people's cultures... I thought this was a big no-no in sock Juice land...)
YES, I mad, SIS!!
You screwed over a campaign that was intended to do REAL FEMINIST WORK, as in HELPING ACTUAL WOMEN IN THE THIRD WORLD, and said that it was harassment... Meanwhile you were begging for donations in order to pay for your playing dress up...

Does anyone see the issue here?
One is asking for $200,000 to read Wikipedia entries of 5 women while playing dress up. The other is asking for $200,000 for well, let me quote the reason here:

BENEFITING: International Women's Health Coalition
Hello, I'm TJ Kirk. I hope that you will join me in supporting The International Women's Health Coalition, whose goals are to provide sexual education, reproductive rights, and educational opportunities women and girls in places like Africa, India, The Middle East and Asia. They strive to help girls in these regions by:

-Advancing the rights of adolescent girls
-Promoting comprehensive sexual education
-Ending child marriages and forced marriages
-Ensuring safe and legal abortions

The IWHC accomplishes these goals by working with governments and global health policymakers as well as funding educational programs and grassroots political movements. They are bringing true feminism to woman and girls who suffer actual oppression and inequality. Their organization has received a 4 star rating from Charity Navigator, a service that rates charities based on the financial health of the charity and the transparency and accountability of the charity. The IWHC received a rating of 90 out of 100 for financial health and 100 out of 100 for transparency and accountability. To learn more about the IWHC you can check out their website here: https://iwhc.org
 I may not necessarily agree with ALL the things that the money will do, I KNOW THIS MONEY WILL DO MORE GOOD than having a privileged girl play dress up in San Francisco. How dare I say she's privileged? Have you gone to the  Colbert Report? Have you been to the UN and given a speech about being "harassed"? Do you rub elbows with Joss Whedon, Paul Feig, and Hwil Hweaton kissing your ass so much that he can taste what you ate while you're swallowing your first bite?
The answer is most likely no... well, she does. That is being privileged as Hell!

Seriously, her campaign HELPS NO ONE BUT HERSELF... The campaign by TJ Kirk (whether you like him or hate him) is far more Altruistic than hers... She got the $200K+... TJ's  barely passed the $100K. See what's wrong here?
She's definitely got a cult... and right now I wonder who is more despicable... She for asking for the money, or the fools who are falling for her Snake Oil saleswoman charms. Humanity, you have failed...
*sigh* The only good thing I can say about this is that with 6 hours till the end she only got $408 dollars over her amount, and that she barely made it. Her Tropes v.Women scam was a fluke. Yes I am calling it a scam, because she did NOT finish Tropes v.Women in videogames AND she is half-assing her already half-assed work and is doing smaller scaled videos that so far can be explained as: 'Nita doesn't understand Biology.  So, I guess she'll take about 3 years to do this series...

She only ended with 7,058 over her planned $200,000... but still, people paid 1/5 of a Million dollars to see her play dress up and read Wiki entries... That's messed up

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