Apr 11, 2016

First Person Videogame: The movie: The Rant

I am talking about Hardcore Henry. Basically an action movie shot in First Person View.

I am conflicted with this movie. I liked it, but I did not LOVE it. The gimmick is cool and all, BUT the plot is paper thin and the characters, well, you don't get to care about the characters, since they lack character. The closest thing to a fully developed character is Jimmy, played by Sharlto Copley.

It's an experience, but I must warn you, it can be a bit dizzying at times if you're not used to marathonic sessions of Call of Duty or any other Modern FPS game. It's basically something like a longer version of this:

The story is this: You are a cyborg, rebuilt by your wife and the lab gets attacked by terrorists and their superpowered leader. They kidnap your wife and you will have to rescue her. If you noticed something, I refer to Henry as you, since WE are watching the story unfold through Henry's Perspective. There's a small plot twist that I won't reveal, but that's about it.

Should you see it? Yes, if you like those FPV SIMULATOR Rides, without the moving seats.
It's not great but it'll keep you entertained for 90-something minutes.

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