Apr 26, 2016

Odds and ends 4/26/2016: More Not Rita and more Spidey...

More Not Rita Repulsa pics have appeared on the Internet.
And all I can think of that these and J-Law as Mystique in X-Men: Poepocalypse are secret promos for The Mocking Jay Part 3: Peeniss is a real thing!

20 minutes on MSPaint
Oh, but Rita's design is corny as hell... True, but you CAN take some Rita elements and translate it to the new design. I made the crude drawing seen above using a female body template. Took elements from both Rita and the Dragonzord. (Seeing that they went green to connect Rita to the Dragon Caesar.) It's not Bandora, but the brown skirt is kinda there with some of the gold designs, the Dragonzord chestplate is her chestplate now... I tried to fit in the pointy boobs, but they wouldn't work. I have her braids, tied with brown ribbon as a nod to the original horned hair. The cape is simply there to add her large collar. Her skin is a shade of green to keep the inhuman look and to tie it to the Dragon Zord. But what do I know?

Ooh! Spidey!

There may be hope for you... Can't wait for Civil War... (I also can't believe that I said that... While we're at it, I can't believe it's not butter either! I can't believe that Burger King does Hot Dogs now...)
I honestly hope that Sony doesn't screw up Spidey... They lost Michael Keaton, who was rumored to play Vulture... Seriously, Freaking Michael Keaton playing vulture, would have been all kinds of awesome sauce... If they do Morbius, may I suggest Tommy Wiseau?

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