Apr 27, 2016

Teenage Adam is a Perfect MOTUC second SDCC Exclusive.

Rumor has it that we MAY GET Starburst She-Ra as an SDCC Exclusive...
Well, I have an idea for another exclusive that may be an Unexpected curve ball... (or could be used for 2017 theoretically speaking)
Teenage Prince Adam aka 200X Adam...
What if I told you that we could get MORE out of that:
I mean Teen Adam would need some Modulok limbs, like Lizard Man...
So we'd need a new Slim Human torso... preferably with Ab crunch.
Using Modulok's Modular joints, as seen with Lizard Man, we COULD make this Adam a 2 for 1 like his mom.

The only new pieces needed would be:
New torso and crotch: The crotch would be based on 200X Adam's pants. The 200X Belt should be a removable add on in order to allow for a Vintage inspired Loincloth.
Both Tunics should be removable. Here is where they add a notch to put the power sword on the back for Vintage Adam's tunic. for the 200X one, I made the tunic and undershirt in one piece (like Sea Hawk's in order to have the belt that's supposed to be part of the sheath for his sword and complete the shirt look for him.
New shin pieces with the furry boot in Modulok size.
2 sets of new forearms: Vintage bracers and 200X gloves.
If we're lucky a closed 200X sword could be tossed in with him.

Combine these with a couple of previously made parts snake Armor head for 200X, Adam's smirk head for Vintage, Vykron gloves for 200X Adam and normal hands for vintage Adam and call it a day.

It could make a difference in packaging: 200X form for SDCC, Vintage form for Matty, this allows people to double dip on him... and it even allows for Mattel to release a repaint of him with a Dare head instead to have DARE! Heroic Secret Identity of He-Ro 2.0

Also, it's Prince Adam... Well known enough for SDCC or something.

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