Apr 13, 2016

God of War collection... Part I: The Original God of War.

I'm not a fan of God of War... Or should I say I HATED God of War. Well, as you know, I bought a couple of games when Gamestop was running away from PR. I ended up getting the God of War Collection. The first 3 GoWs and digital copies of the 2 PSP games for PS3 for under $20, so there is some value there 5 games under $20... This will be the first of a Multi-Part series but unlike 'Nita, I'm not asking for Victimbucks... (also, I may not take 4 years to complete it.)

I'm still waiting for the Patriarchy to give me some privilege money... I'm considered Latino to them... DAMN!

So, God of War: You're Crate Ass Kratos, a Mighty Spartan, who serves Ares... or should I say SERVED, since Kratos is pissed at Ares for tricking him into killing his family (that's why he looks so ashen... his wife and daughter's ashes are bonded to his skin.) He wants revenge and his goal is to kill the God of War.
Here I have to say that the game gets a 5.0 out of 10... I love the whole Greek Mythology aspect, but at the same time, the premise of Kratos killing a Greek god... doesn't really sit well with me... Especially when the last cool Ares died too soon.
 Music and sounds:
The music is really cool. It has this Epic feel to it and it blends well into the background...

The voice acting is pretty decent.
We have Steve Blum as Ares, TC Carson as Kratos... Zeus... well... you've heard some of these VAs before and they do a great job!

To be fair, God of War is a PS2 Game and it shows. I mean for a PS2 Game the graphics are OK... not Square-EA  to  Square Enix or a Hideo Kojima game graphics, but for a PS2 Game they were serviceable. ON PS3, well, you can easily see that it's a PS2 game Ported to PS3. This is more noticeable on the cutscenes. 7.0 after taking in consideration that the game is a port of a PS2 game.

They are responsive and rather easy to get a hang of.  9.5

3D Hack and slash with puzzles and Platforming. I HATED YOU the first time I played you in 2006, but 10 years later after playing DMC (must give this series a second chance), Bayonetta, because screw you 'nita!, The Raidenovich copy... REVENGEANCE!!! and Castlevania: a Hideo Kojima Game. got me more used to the GoW style...

I'm putting this here because GoW started the practice of ANNOYING QTEs in mid battle...
So, yeah, I must mention fixed camera angles, which can annoy some people and cause them to accidentally roll. Puzzles can be unforgiving, especially the spike roller climb. Died many times because of some bull collision  detection.

God of War gets a 7.9 as its final score. I'm actually surprised, seeing that I HATED, HATED, HATED this game with a passion... I still don't like Kratos as a character that much, but he is so damn fun to play as... until I have to do a freaking QTE to kill an enemy.

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