Apr 5, 2016

It Came from the Toy chest: Here's Rey!

OK, so I finally found Rey... I've owned one since late January, like Kylo Ren. It's just that with the move, I got side-tracked and I was looking for a non-derp-eyed Poe Dameron... It hasn't happened. So, Finn and Rey have been sitting in a box in the closet, while I took care of other stuff. I frantically looked for them because of the coming of the BluRay and DVD version of The Force Awakens. Now I found out about the KMart Exclusive Rey with Lightsaber.

So, who is Rey: She's a Mary Sue who is now the new Luke Skywalker.

I'll let the pic do the talking.
 But I must mention she also has a thigh cut that I discovered long after writing this review, but just before publishing it.
The waist, I've been told it's supposed to be a ball joint, but mine is stuck pretty hard and I don't want to risk breaking Rey.

Paint and sculpt:
There are no cloth items here. EVERYTHING IS SCULPTED on Rey. The paintjob is hit or miss on the figures. I got the best out of 3 Reys that were available. One was derp eyed, the second had dark brown (like the belts) paint splotches on her tunic in the crotch area and looked like dried period blood. The one I got has her ears not fully painted but it's not noticeable from the front. My biggest issue is that I don't See the likeness to Daisy Ridley in her sculpt.

An Articulated BB-8 and her staff.
I must complain about the staff. Her strap is made of rigid plastic and cannot be slung over Rey's shoulder.
BB-8 on the other hand is pretty cool. The weighted bottom keeps the little droid mostly in balance. (I'd add a little blutac to the bottom to keep the droid from rolling out.) BB-8's head is on a barbell peg, giving it the ball-joint-like movement.

Rey gets a 3.67 as her final score. It's a shame that her staff is stuck with a rigid staff.

It's a shame because the staff having the ability to be put on Rey's back would have made it more versatile and made her score higher. Right now it looks horrible and cumbersome to use. On the other hand, BB-8 is amazeballs!

BTW It was a worse trap than we expected... Yesterday, we found out that Erik Bauersfeld has passed away. Why am I sneaking this bit of news in a Star Wars toy review? Because he is well known for something something Star Wars.

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