May 6, 2016

Power Ranger suits, More Matty incompetence

How can I describe these suits...
I guess that a Fusion Dance between This and This!
Seriously, look at them!
They missed the whole point of the Ranger Outfits looking how they look like...

The idea for the outfits to look corny is based on the Idea of Superheroes AND in a way soldiers.
They are a Super Squadron. The similar suits show that they are a team. That part remains here. The Superhero part, not so much. Well, it's kinda there but in a durr hurr EXTREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEM!!! Rob Liefeld crap kind of way.

It's a bit embarrassing that the 1990s Outfits can look ARMORED AND MORE In-Line with the Original outfits...

You CAN Make the suits more alien, but keeping them in-line with the Original designs...

Once again, a quick MSPaint idea on a concept that would have looked closer to the original designs and add some inhuman elements.
It even looks a little bit Lord Zedd-ish, which was unintentional.
I added Fins for the "Gloves and boots" as extra offensive items. Good for flying kicks. Would catch enemies who slightly dodge the kick, or for parrying attacks.

But back to the movie designs... Remember Rita... They're totally going with Rita being a former Ranger who went dark... Less subtle than Kojima or Snyder!!

Amateur Night at Mattycollector! Keep making Neitlich look competent guys... More Delays... Batting 0 for 4 in 2016 MOTUC Figures arriving on time... Maybe 0 for 5 if we count Serpentine King Hssss.

What about Anti-Eternia He-Man? Some figures were delayed, so 0.5 out of 6 and that is still an awful record.

This bumbling scares me... It's putting 2017 in grave danger.

Crash Bandicoot is back!!

It's something, I mean... He pretty much vanished... He also had an ugly ass Tattoo, so I guess that's why he vanished. Wonder if this is a sign that Naughty Dog has Control of Crash once again

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