May 25, 2016

Captain America is a Heterosexual Man... He can't have a boyfriend!

these are the tamest pics I could find... also in many Elsa has
a penis. Or sometimes Anna. In some case both of them have
penises. They also rape Olaf, or Elsa has the power of making
ice Phalluses or is it Phalli?
If y'all want a gay character, you're barking up the wrong tree! Cap is straight. Period!
Twitter's full of Sock Juice Whiners that are making this a thing... Make X Gay
Just like the whole let's make Elsa a Lesbian because Let it go is now a gay anthem...
Give Elsa a Girlfriend they claimed... The internet did that... they gave her Anna. Using the same (lack of) reasoning they did to say Cap and Bucky being gay together makes Anna and Elsa the best gay couple ever... Because Wincest?

so, Mr. Nick Mangione... you're wrong... then again, you defended the PoS Agenda Driven Fieg mad Ghost bust hers... Making Cap Gay is wrong. He is not gay and he shouldn't be. Why not CREATE A GAY SUPERHERO INSTEAD? Why is it that SJWs want to piggyback on everything popular and infect it with their views? Which btw are the ones promoting this, not Marvel Fans in general...

Now, If y'all want to make straight characters gay, y'all must be open to make Gay Characters straight... and no,  making the character Bisexual is not an acceptable answer... But now what I'm asking is bigoted... Because Gay Characters can't be straight, right?

Northstar's gay, promote the hell out of Alpha Flight. Iceman's now gay, promote the X-Books. Deapool is freaking Bisexual... Oh wait, his face looks like

and he's not hot like Cap or Bucky!

These hashtag campaigning for non-fan ideas with an agenda from slacktivists to become canon is stupid... #GiveNeftyanEquestriaGirlsHarem See? I can do stupid Hashtags involving Fictional Characters too... Yeah, I had to choose the Lesser EG versions because
Finally a G1 Reference!! (That is not about Applejack)
I ain't Harry Potter... and  now that I think of it, I don't want to be like Megan either... Pony Harems are weird...

 It's not homophobic to want straight characters be straight. And this is for what? Please 12 year old yaoi fan tumblrinas?


  1. lgtb makes everithing sexual... keep Elsa straight!

    1. I wouldn't say it's simply them. Most of these pushes come from Tumblr "social activists" that "stand up for the oppressed".